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Jennifer Lopez’s True Love Could Be Yours

“Celebrities are human, just like the rest of us.”

This is something we hear often, from the media, from celebrities themselves, often when we are reading about some turbulence they’re going through. Sometimes we believe them. Sometimes we don’t; because it is often hard to imagine these people with glittering lives and jet-set lifestyles experiencing the same lows and hurts as we do.

And that is why Jennifer Lopez’s ‘True Love’ came as a shock to me. I was not prepared for the sheer vulnerability of it. She basically stripped herself bare and showed herself to be Jennifer. Not Jennifer Lopez. Not J.Lo. Not even Jenny from the Block. Just Jennifer. The human being. The woman. The person with needs, flaws and aspirations.

In this book, Jennifer peeled back the glamour to allow more than a glimpse of her insecurities and vulnerabilities, and eventually, her determination to get back up and get it right every day of her life.

And I identified. Big time! With every word, I felt her despair and hopes echo with me, resonate on a deeply unexplored part of me.img-20161113-wa005

In this book, she came to an epiphany, one that formed the entire message of the book: Love yourself.

Love yourself.

This is something we hear all the time. Something we know to do. Something we feel like we’re already doing. But the question is: Do you really love yourself? Or do you think that by working hard, hustling and staying alive, basically going through the motions, that that is all the proof that you love yourself?

Here’s an excerpt from True Love, something Jennifer had to say:

“What was loving yourself anyway? Nobody teaches us what that means, but now I’ve discovered that it’s the key to life – because it’s the key to loving someone else and allowing others to love you. And without that love inside, we are lost and empty shells. More practically, you have to take care of yourself, your body, your mind, take care of your soul – be your own keeper… You have to make good decisions for yourself, treat yourself well. Lie down and read a book you love; or sit outside on a swing, or eat healthy – whatever it is that helps you feel god. And that includes not letting people treat you in any way that you don’t want to be treated. Because when you love yourself, you don’t let that happen. That’s loving yourself.”

“Part of loving yourself is about forgiving yourself … It’s the messy parts that make us human, so we should embrace them too – pat ourselves on the back for getting through them rather than being angry for having gotten into them in the first place. Because loving yourself is ultimately about self acceptance, about embracing every part of who you are.”

True Love a fairly interesting read accompanied by decent photos, but I finished the book desiring more detail about what exactly happened with Jennifer and Marc Anthony. Maybe she should release True Love: Expanded Edition or True Love: The Secret Files. That would make a more captivating read.

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  1. Loving yourself makes you trully happy you need to find it. But wait you rushed the whole book for aproko?

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