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Jennifer Garner wants Jennifer Lopez to stop talking about Ben Affleck

Lol. I knew it was a matter of time before this report would surface. I mean, JLo has been talking a lot about Ben; Jennifer Garner was bound to object some time.

The ‘Daredevil’ actress reportedly wants Jennifer Lopez to stop talking about her husband Ben Affleck. She’s said to be furious with the ‘Booty’ hitmaker for sharing details of her ”heartbreaking” split from the ‘Gone Girl’ star in 2005, just days before they were due to get married.

A source close to Garner said: ”She’s absolutely pissed that JLo has been discussing her relationship with Ben. Jen’s livid that in almost every interview, she brings up how Ben was her first true love.”

Ben married Garner nine years ago and they now have three children together, Violet, eight, Seraphina, five, and Samuel, two.

The insider told Life & Style magazine: ”Jen thinks it’s so disrespectful of JLo, especially because she and Ben have three kids and it’s hurtful to them, too!”

Lopez, who also wrote about their romance in her new book ‘True Love,’ recently admitted she felt like her heart had been ”torn” out of her chest after her split from Ben. She said: ”I had breakups and things but I’d never felt heartbroken until we called off that wedding. It was devastating to me, maybe because it was so public. I really felt like I had found somebody great and he had found somebody great and we thought we could make it work.”

#shakingmyhead The award season will be swinging in next year. I hope these three don’t run into each other and some drama on the red carpet. Who am I kidding? I hope they DO! 😀

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  1. Yea its disrespectful dat she keeps doing dat..but it brings to mind dat jennifer was married wen ben started wooing her even in d presence of d husband.. So garner accept ur fate.. One good turn deserves anoda is nt like she walked upto ur face and said ‘hey I want ben back’

  2. Exactly @obinna. Y is she acting Scared cos she knows d power of JLO. Hahahahahahaha I laugh in swahili. Just pray it was Ben who did d calling off dat way u can b sure he is over her cos if its d other way round den I will soon b laughing in Bosnia buhohohohoho.

  3. JLo’s a sore loser and she oughta just put a suck in it already and quit making a monument of a failed love! She had Ben when she had him, he belongs to another now; let her get a move on and stop whining and sounding like a broken record! Its so annoying! What’s she expecting really?! That he’d come running back cause he’s the so-called love of her life?! I think not! She must be really delusional! Great love my ass! And all this one wey she dey do so na serious ‘fabu’, seeing as the guy dumped her! She just cannot get over being dumped and that’s her beeswax! Pathetic lump! Psst!

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