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Jennifer Aniston signs book deal that has Angelina Jolie worried

Angelina Jolie – who is engaged to Brad Pitt – is reportedly concerned about Jennifer Aniston releasing a tell-all book which details the past.

The Maleficent actress grew close to fiancé Brad Pitt while they were filming 2005’s Mr & Mrs Smith – when the hunk was married to the Friends actress – and the brunette beauty is worried about a book deal which Jennifer has been offered since it will dredge up details of the past.

A source told Now magazine: ”Angelina’s worked hard to build up her image as a humanitarian and separate herself from the public outcry when she got together with Brad. She felt the whole ‘Team Jen’ and ‘Team Ange’ thing had finally died a death and that the perception of her being a husband stealer was in the past, but then she heard about the book offer.”

Jennifer – who is engaged to Justin Theroux – realises the chapter where she details the breakdown of her marriage to Brad will be difficult for her to write, but also understands that it’ll be the one everyone wants to hear.

The source added: ”If Jen does sign a book deal, she knows the chapter on Brad and Ange will be the hardest for her to write – but it will also be the one everyone will be after. Jen doesn’t want to spark any new rows, but there’s so much history involved that it’s inevitable.”

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  1. Is this book really necessary, like really, REALLY? Why open up a whole can of worms while opening up old wounds? Unless in the grand scheme of things it helps you move on to better things, then by all means, sing and knock yourself out while you’re at it, otherwise; let it go Jen, PLEASE! Angie and Brad deserve each other, the snakes! *laughing*

    • OMG!!!!! How dare you tell her to leave it in the past? We shall not let this be for we need closure. This book MUST be written and i MUST have it

      • Hey Grumpy! I woulda been damned if I didn’t think you’d get some kicks from all the dramas that’s sure to unfold in the wake of this book. Why not let sleeping dogs lie? Incase you’ve not noticed, she’s still into Brad and hasn’t quite healed from the heartbreak. She should just move on, abeg! She deserves better. Closure, what closure? She STILL loves that jerk!

      • shakespeareanwalter

        LMAO!!! Team Jen speaks very very vociferously.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Right on!

  2. Walter, I know Anyi thinks the world of Jen. Hell, who wouldn’t?! She’s America’s sweetheart! I’ll bet if it was Tontoz now, his sentiments will not be quite the same. Jen should leave those two alone jare, after all these years, she’s still carrying around that whole baggage, must be exhausting and draining! While those two are practically mooning all over her, birthing kids and generally balling. That book, is a bad idea! It just shouldn’t happen!

    • shakespeareanwalter

      And yet, it seems like the kind of venture that’ll fetch a nice tidy sum. ☺ A LOT of people will love to read what Jen has to say. I don’t know if you knew of the time Jen was on the cover of vogue and part of her interview was to condemn Angelina for saying she and Brad fell in love on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith. Jen said Ange’s words were ‘not cool’. Just that, and that publication scatter sold.

      • Its not about the money, its old school revenge. Anything to make the other party suffer, so what if she makes a few millions in the process?

        • shakespeareanwalter

          Hahahahahahaa!!! Anyi, you’re cruel. Jen should focus on Justin Theroux jare. And leave the past be.
          On the other hand, I won’t mind having a copy. *giggle*

  3. *shuddering and shivering* Oh please Anyi, don’t make good your threats for the love of God! I’m sooo shaking in ma bootz right now, really scared shitless! Can you tell? ROTFLMAO!

    Thanks for cracking me up real good this afternoon, Anyi, I owe you one! And for the records, you don’t scare me one bit. So bring it on! Sure, Jen will rake up some dough but really, why stir up the hornet’s nest? Especially when you stand the chance of getting seriously stung? Walter, I was gonna say ‘Yay, you go bwoi’! Till you scatter everything by coveting the said book. Way to go, Walter! LOL!

  4. *yawn* Next please….

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