FOREWORD: And THIS – oh, this – was a short story dedication to me, penned by my dearest friend John Chidi, for my birthday yesterday. It is a very weird story, but I LOVE IT! 😀

Check on it.


In the beginning there was no light.

There it was. Enshrouded in total blackness save for the effervescent glow that emanated from it and gave it a form that was all but indistinguishable.

It was a product of darkness–born in the eons before life began on earth. It had seen empires rise and fall and watched civilizations crumble into the nothingness of memories and markings on scrolls. In some instances, it had helped them attain that state faster.

Then it went into hibernation.

A blast shattered its rest. It scanned through the layers of rock: six persons.

The team was an odd assortment: two geologists, one archaeologist, a technician and two military types. All available data pointed to the existence of a rich uranium ore in the rocks.

The professor, a young man in his late twenties, had obtained funding for the expedition and led it. He watched everything; he was taking no chances, this was greenfields.

The techie monitored readings on his computer. He nodded. The professor nodded; the merc primed the ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (ANFO). A second detonation rocked the confined space. A short while later, an abnormal rumble announced itself; as one, they looked around. Fly rock began to rain as another tremor shook the cave, toppling men and equipment.

All the lights exploded at the same time. A stench, an odorous blend of decaying flesh and rotten eggs preceded two advancing points of light—eyes. Someone’s scream broke the collective paralysis that held them. Pandemonium ensued.

Then it moved. Snap-rip-crunch; blood curdling cries rent the fabric of the chamber. Then there was an eerie stillness.

It was broken by the professor’s awe-filled whisper: “Master, I await your bidding.”

The only response was a cold draft that sucked out the vestiges of life and light.

In the end, there was no light.

Written by John Chidi

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Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Beautiful. All that mysticism. Reads like the beginning of a Hollywood movie about mummies.

  2. Some scary stuff…the type I’d love to write. *evil grin*

  3. #mystic

  4. Oh wow!!

  5. Ewo! This is one brilliant penning. Hollywood should comaaaan buy storyline.

  6. Reads like an actual movie

  7. Adeleke Julianah

    This is well drawn out!

  8. ah…kilode…so grim but beautifully written

  9. Eeeeeeeeeerie! *shudder*

  10. I’m so fucking depressed. When will I ever write this good.

  11. The kind of stories you see rather than read

  12. This is a story that smashes your head, and the pain remains long after the end. This isn’t a story, it’s a tripod of a short film

  13. Oh my…. *Sips cold red liquid from golden goblet*

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