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Inspector General bans policemen from illegally accessing mobile phones of Nigerians

The Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, has banned the rank and file of the Nigerian Police Force from illegally accessing the phones of Nigerians.

The ban was contained in a circular to Police Commands across the country.

The instruction from the Inspector General of Police became necessary due to some policemen who would flout privacy rights of law-abiding citizens by stopping and searching their phones without recourse to legal processes.

Officer in Charge of Complaint Response Unit (CRU) of the Nigeria Police, Abayomi Shogunle tweeted:index

With this order, the Police are unable to search phones of civilians under any pretext without first obtaining a search warrant from a competent court with jurisdiction.

This edict just gave Nigerians a firmer backbone in the defense of their right to privacy.

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  1. They had to ACTUALLY be Banned first? For an ILLEGAL act. Lol. Chai. .the lawlessness in this country knows no bounds.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      It’s a wah o.

    • It’s a big wah my brother. I’ve gone through such, it was sickening. My laptop and phone, they saw my aunt’s US number and asked me who is Aunty Ogoo. I was much younger then, naive and stupid. Fast forward to when I started working in Aba and at a stop and search, they asked for the receipt of my laptop and what was inside. I asked them the receipt of the mobile phone and what was inside.

  2. We have all of 2016 to see how this plays out for the Police and the civilians. Make I siddon dey look.

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