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“I Shot My Wife:” Actor Michael Jace Charged With Murder Of His Wife

“The Shield” actor Michael Jace has been arrested and charged in the shooting death of his wife, April Jace, TMZ reports. According to investigators, the 51-year-old actor called 911 on Monday night around 8:30 pm to report that his wife had been shot and went on to confess that he’d pulled the trigger.

“I shot my wife,” he reportedly told the 911 dispatcher.

It is reported that Michael stayed on the phone with the dispatcher, as instructed, until the LAPD arrived on the scene at his Hyde Park home. Law enforcement sources say that just before the shooting, Michael was home alone when April arrived at the residence with their two children.

It’s unclear what led to the incident, but if reports are correct, the couple’s two sons, who are both under 10 years old, witnessed the shooting. Sources add that the boys were extremely upset when officers arrived on the scene and were transported to a police station. Child Services eventually arrived to the station and placed the children in the care of a family member where they could be comforted.

The actor was booked on a homicide charge early Tuesday morning, CNN reports.

Reports have it that Michael and April argued over money before the murder took place at their LA home. But the most astounding revelation since this murder is that the dead wife defended Michael in his divorce from his ex-wife, an ex-wife he allegedly brutally and repeatedly beat up.

According to TMZ, Michael Jace was a violent, abusive husband who choked his ex-wife in front of their kid … this according to legal docs from his prior divorce in 1997. A friend of Jennifer Bitterman claims she personally witnessed Jace choking and slamming Jennifer against a wall as his 6month-old son screamed in his crib next to them.

April Jace got involved in Michael’s messy divorce to his previous wife and defended him to the hilt … even though there were claims of brutality. April told the divorce judge that Michael provided a stable home for his child, though she never addressed the claims he choked and hit Jennifer Bitterman and slammed her against the wall in front of their screaming son. In fact April actually attacked Jennifer by calling her a bad mom.

And this is interesting … April had a degree in Early Childhood/Adolescence development.

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  1. *sighs*. See how April carefully stage-managed her own untimely death! Jennifer’s more than justified now. I don’t know where some females get off with warped principles that a man who was abusive to his ex will not do worse to them cos they’re the best thing that ever happened to ’em, seeing as the ex-wife was not ‘good enough’ by their standards. This is a very sad story especially for those kids but April really had it coming, she signed up for this tragedy! Pitiable! Psst!

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