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‘I can’t say I’m a role model…I always made that point.’ – Rihanna

rihanna-600x450Rihanna is living life on her own terms.

To promote her new Mac Cosmetics line, USA Today caught up with the music superstar. RiRi dished on her creative side, being philanthropic and the nonstop criticism.

While addressing the fact that people think she’s music’s other resident wild child, here’s what she had to say:

“I think they think I’m drunk all the time. I think they think I am always partying, that my house is probably a party all the time with tons of people and tons of music and no clothes. I think that’s what they think. I’m actually very laid back. I love watching TV on a big old couch by myself. I love to swim in the ocean or the pool.”

With the success of her three sold-out collections for Mac Cosmetics’ first celebrity ‘creative partner’, and scoring an animated role alongside Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin, one can clearly call her a role model. However, Rihanna was quick with her reply.

“I don’t like to use that word because people have their own opinion on what that means to them. I can’t really say I’m a role model. I’m not perfect. I’m not trying to sell that. I want people to have fun but be responsible, protect themselves and be in control of your life. You can never judge people. I always made that a point. You never know what someone is going through.”

RiRi concludes that she’s only living in the moment.

“It’s in the moment. Even sometimes I go back to my Instagram and I’m like, ‘Did I really post this?’ I never know. One day I would never post this type of picture. A week later, I like this post. It’s when I’m bored. It’s in the moment.”

There you have it folks.

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  1. In summary, she is human. Thank you, Rihana. I’m sorry I judged you.

  2. Oh my honest way-ward child… I never jugded u darling. I still rememba u’re flesh n blood

  3. Riri, thanks babes for making it crystal clear that you’re no role model. That’s mighty thoughtful of you. You’ve absolutely no idea how many lives you just saved with this assertion. Carry on grooving!

  4. That’s really cute. This could be an interview I’ve read a thousand times but with different celebrities making the same quotes.

    We are all human and noone is perfect. I don’t think anyone expects Rihanna to be.

    I do however believe in the age-old adage that to whom much is given much is expected. You cannot eat your cake and have it. I’m sorry but life isn’t fair and so don’t expect to ‘live life on your own terms’ because often that just doesn’t happen 100%.

    Being a ‘role model’ comes with the territory, dear. It really does. If people are going to spend good money to buy your records and you are going to splash yourself across the screens and papers they read then you had better believe a good deal of them will look up to you. That’s just the way it is.

    And while you cannot be perfect, you can darn well be responsible and I think that is at the bottom of the grouse many celebrities have with this ‘role model’ issue. It demands maturity and responsibility. It demands that you think of others every now and then and not just yourself. it demands you show some restraint when appropriate. It demands that you can tell the difference between ‘judging’ people and simply being factual and standing your ground on principles.

    Most celebrities possess none of these characteristics. So…yeah, I wouldn’t look to Rihanna or indeed any celebrity to be a role model. Nope.

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