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Hollywood Reacts to Donald Trump’s Presidential Victory

The majority of Hollywood was with Her, but that wasn’t enough to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. And to say the entertainment community is disappointed that Donald Trump has been elected 45th president of the United States would be an understatement.

Sure, a few celebs such as Stephen Baldwin and Kirstie Alley were thrilled about Trump’s victory.

But most were having trouble grasping the concept that The Apprentice star will be the new leader of the free world. Clinton supporters flocked to Twitter and Instagram to voice their feelings regarding Campaign 2016. Some were angry, some were hopeful, and some did their best to find a little (dark) humor in the situation.

Check it out:

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  1. The battle has begun.
    #LoveTrumpsHate ??✌✌??

  2. You know what?during obama’s election,I could swear I saw many celebrities rallying for him..will smith and family,beyonce,Oprah etc..but during this election,I didn’t see any of these people..just beyonce at the last minute..as in,was it just me?cnn analysis showed that trump got more votes from Latinos and blacks than Clinton ???

    • shakespeareanwalter

      The election just confused me, aswear. Talk has it that Clinton had lazier voters than Trump. That is, more people took it for granted that she was a shoo-in and as such, didn’t go out to vote for her. Honestly, I’m just tayad.

      • Exactly!!!hubby and I were talking about it.they took trump for granted.with his bigotry speeches,I bet they thought he would loose out hence them relaxing like GEJ’s team relaxing whilst APC took the reins from them.all I saw were last minute rallying from Clinton,trump spoke the minds of most Americans,surprisingly blacks and Latinos as well!

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