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Headies Awards Drama: When Olamide had something to say and Don Jazzy had something else to say

Things got very interesting at the 2015 Headies Awards when Olamide (and the whole YBNL crew) escorted Adekunle Gold on stage to collect his award for “Best Alternative Song”.

Leading up to this heated moment, things were already quite tense as everyone anticipated the winner of the coveted “Next Rated Award”. The Next Rated Award comes with a lot of recognition (and the bonus of a brand new Hyundai Car).

While a lot of people expected Lil Kesh to win, the award went to Mavin artist Reekado Banks.

So when Adekunle Gold came on stage with the whole YBNL crew, it was inevitable that the CEO Olamide would take the microphone to speak his mind.

Olamide pulled a Kanye by going off on the Headies, saying the award should have gone to Lil Kesh as he had back to back hit songs all year round. Olamide railed, “Ko ni da fun Iya anybody!” (A Yoruba expletive involving the mother of the recipient) and flipped off the entire hall before throwing his drink on stage and storming off with his crew.

Just when we thought things had ended, Don Jazzy was given a Special Recognition award and in his speech, he stated that he had never liked awards and the only reason he came for the show was to support his “children”. He also stated that he had told Reekado Banks and Korede Bello (who were both nominated for the Next Rated award) that he’d buy cars for them.

Don Jazzy ended his speech with a bombshell, saying, “Egbon Olamide, if you want the car, come and collect it. God bless you.”

The last statement must have struck a nerve in Olamide, because the rapper went on (where else?) twitter to swing at Don Jazzy.

Read what his tweets below:screen twi1screen twi2screen twi3screen twi4screen twi5screen twi6screen twi7

LOL. Never a dull moment in the entertainment industry. Olamide dey vex ghan! Methinks this beef has been simmering for a while now, what do you think?

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  1. Ehen, so what if Don Jazzy called your name? Can’t you take a shade like a player, brush it off and keep going. This Olamide is such a child abeg. Good a thing Don Jazzy didn’t it even deem it fit to respond to him.

  2. I will keep saying… I never knew people took The Headies seriously. Really? I wouldn’t count it as a reputable award in any way. Anyway, there is no bad publicity in entertainment right?

    • shakespeareanwalter

      LOL. But it is the Grammys version of the Nigerian music industry, not so? What’s the reason for your derision of the Headies?

  3. Duke, the entertainers actually take that ‘Headies’ seriously oh. The Next Rated category most especially. I remember last year, it was Burna Boy who felt robbed. It didn’t get to this level probably because “he had nobody to speak for him” LOL

  4. They should all go and take several seats in the national stadium. I can’t believe these guys actually say these things on stage, in front of the whole world. Whatever happened to decorum?

  5. All dis pple saying olamide wasn’t referring to Don J nd his crew shld take a few seats back jare. He clearly means dat Reekado didn’t deserve d award. And, probably, only won it ’cause of Dons influence. Thats BS. I, personally, rooted for Reek. It was a close shave btwn Reekado and kesh. Accept ur f*cking loss with grace nd don’t go cussing nd dropping d mic on stage. And den he went on twitter to rant. Mstcheeew. Nigga if u want d car com nd get it. *drops mic…on d mic stand*

  6. Olamide is a tout.. That’s a pretty simple explanation

  7. I just think they have had too much to eat. seeing it’s new year and all.
    olamide had to even bring in the whole east coast west coast thingy. stay off the mainland, he told jazzy.
    me, I don’t really bother about these hashed up publicity stunts.

  8. *counting the ‘fuck’ in the post*

    Buhari should do something about this o! :/

  9. Can’t believe Don Jazzy is getting the heavier criticism over this issue on social media.

  10. Hian! So much drama for artists that are not even good. Reading olamide’s tweets, you’ll see booze and weed talking. His tweets should be used to teach the next generation how not to handle a meltdown.

  11. Assuming Lil kesh won…4gerit I go teleport reach that stage…who is Lil kesh? d guy sings rubbish,d lyrics r stupid….see small pikin of yesterday ooo….olamide na tata….never liked him #drops mic….

  12. He barely made a lick of sense, sounded more like he was ranting. With “fuck” and “fucking” littering his posts. These people should chill with their drama already

  13. Not this early in 2016 now, abeg!!!! Olamide should just go and sit down in a cold room. I no see wetin anybody do anybody jo. They should not disturb my beauty sleep. Hian!!!

  14. Reading the comments here just gave me peace. It goes a long way to say that MMS readers are just as mature and reasonable as I thought. Glad to be one. #drops mic

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