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A very good friend of mine and ardent follower of MyMindSnaps recently wrote a piece, stringing together a number of profound truths, which I absolutely had to share. Regrettably, he doesn’t wish to be named. However, the message this write-up bears is what’s important. Read below and may it all be the portion of those who would love nothing more than to fuck life, and be happy.


Life is serious, never take her seriously.

You’ve got to learn how to laugh, how to be happy. You’ve got to have a support system to help you navigate her waters – friends, families, Alcoholic Anonymous, Ku Ku Klux gang… Whatever floats your boat.

Learn to take the bad moments in stride and be quick to get out of its funk. We all know we’re never getting out of her grip alive anyway, so why would you want to die inside before you’re dead outside.

Treat life kindly, laugh with her and at her. She might be tough but she sure understands how to take a chill pill and give you a bit of space. Laugh at yourself, learn to take your blows before the world throws theirs.

Enjoy the pain, turn it into laughter. Enjoy the laughter, use it to generate more. The world might judge you wrongly, don’t dwell on that, after all the world was once confused on its shape. She was once flat, now she is round, tomorrow she might be oval. You really want to be bothered by her opinion of you?

What is your opinion of you? What do you see when you look within? Now that’s what matters, for what you see is what you project and ultimately what your neighbour sees.

So once again, I tell you, learn to live, learn to be happy, learn to laugh. Screw life in the ass but don’t be rough. Take it gently, like a passionate lover, and she’ll love you right back. Try to rape her and she’ll let karma loose on you. It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, religious or just fucking hate religion, carve out your niche and be HAPPY.

Sing, dance, watch sports, play sports, watch movies, be in movies, work, school, be who you can be, all you can be, but never let any single unpopular characteristic about you define you.

At the end, let your tombstone read: “Here lies a HAPPY man, he’ll be greatly missed.”

Written by Anonymous

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. These are beautiful and hilarious admonitions, very well received! Our lives are ultimately what we make of it! We either choose to be on top of things and call the shots, or just allow it define and subdue us! I choose to Live, Learn, Love and most especially Laugh! There’s absolutely nothing like a merry heart! I live a little everyday and I’m sure by the end of time, I’d have lived, really lived to the fullest of my potentials, afterall; I’ve only got one life to live and by golly, I shall LIVE it; so help me God! *laughing*

    Tx for sharing anonymous and Walter, this sizzles for real! Lol

    • Live. Love. Learn. Laugh.
      Really, why can’t life be about these four incredible things…

      • Life could actually be ’bout these four incredible things as you call’em Dubem; me thinks its just a matter of individual choices to either dwell on and magnify our troubles and miseries, or choose instead to magnify the One who’s able to give us everlasting joy and peace plus strength to Live. Love. Learn. And Laugh! LOL

    • You’re welcome Yemie. I hope you enjoyed it

  2. Hmm, touchy words! Life can suck u dry of light if care isn’t taken.

  3. Hilarious but true! Life’s got different kind of Aces up her sleeve, one just need to b dubious like her to conquer. We need to take the Bull by d Horn, I may not b able to use profanity, but when I redirected those words, they held gr8 meaning….thanks for sharing.

  4. Kinda reminds me of the song Sunscreen. You only have one strike, best to make good use of it.
    Tnks for d write up anony nd tnkies Walter for sharing.

  5. Yeah baby!!! Kick up your heels and celebrate…

  6. Anonymous this is a nice reminder. Life is indeed short

  7. The earth was flat, now the earth is round, if the shape changed again everyone would start a laugh.

  8. True! It’s not what the world defines of concepts that matter. It’s the definition an individual gives. Like, people may say you gotta be successful to be happy, but you gotta be rich to be successful…and bla bla. One defines his happiness as being weird and that’s right! I am the one who gives meaning to my life, but, well, I reference God!

    • Some people say money doesn’t buy happiness. Some others need wealth to be happy. Some people take joy in the little things. Some others are happiest when surrounded by the luxuries of life. Happiness is relative.
      Bottom line? Be happy with whatever does it for you. But by God, be happy.

  9. Don’t worry. Be happy. – Timon and Pumba, 34ÀD

  10. Wow! Beautiful

  11. Nice piece, but life should be taken gentle as in je je. What ever we do today, we should remember tomorrow. Catch all ya fun today, what of tomorrow? Tomorrow never end oooooooo…

  12. Fuck life? Oh yea…. Ginme a condom.
    Nice post… Absolutely love it

  13. Lovely write-up and extremely inspiring. Thank you Anonymous.

  14. You are very much on point, even the Bible agrees.
    Thanks Anyibaba for cooking…I really need to loosen up and take like jejely, and by God, lines will fall pleasantly.
    Thank a bunch Waltz for dishing; you are the best.

  15. This is a beautiful message. Beautiful. Thanks Anonymous.

  16. Lovely admonition.
    Paragraph 5 really had me grinning…my faves were 2,3,5,6…and 7. pretty much everything.
    We all should learn how to be happy for then we would be able to make our neighbors happy and then there would not be so much hate and pain around….
    If only people would just listen…and make the effort *sigh*

    • Really Doc??? That self-inflicted cough, way up there will not be the death of you! This I pray IJN, Amen! Silly Nilly! ROTFL

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