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This here is a friend’s Facebook post that was as illuminating as it was hilarious. It is a thing of beauty when one’s hypocrisy is shown up to him, stark and cold. And you have nowhere to run but into your shame.

Read and enjoy. 🙂


This life!

So I am sitting in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt International Airport, waiting for my flight to Toronto… Been a super long wait… The Lufthansa flight from Lagos arrived three hours ago.

A Nigerian cleric came to sit by me. We somehow started up a conversation stemming from the CNN coverage of the Same Sex marriage Supreme Court ruling in America.

This cleric let out a spite-filled sigh, and began to tell me how the world has come to an end. He said Barack Obama is the Antichrist. He said all gays would burn in hell fire, and even here on earth, they would be stricken down by lightning. He said homosexuality should be punishable by death.

He went on and on.

I listened quietly to him and nodded in agreement. He said this can never happen in Africa and that homosexuality is a foreign disease. That it is the Devil counterfeiting and corrupting the perfect work of God. He said God would have the last laugh. He went on to describe how horribly debased and hateful homosexuals are.

I listened and I listened.

After a while, he complained of hunger and said he had no Euros. We walked to a cafe and I bought him breakfast. We talked about a host of other issues as we ate. Then we took a walk around the terminal as he said he needed to stretch his legs after the long flight.

As we walked, he began to heap praises on me. “You are such an intelligent and well spoken young man… Your grasp of the Bible and theology is very impressive…”

I thanked him.

He continued. “You don’t even know me, yet you have bought me breakfast and you are spending your time with me without any compulsion on my part. God will bless you my son.”

I said, “Thank you, sir.”

He continued. “With people like you, there is hope for Nigeria. Please go into ministry or politics, anything that would give you the chance to serve people and affect their lives for the better.”

I replied, “I will think about it, sir.”

He broke out into a wide smile. “Omo Dada, your parents brought you up well.” Then he looked at my ring finger and saw my ring. “Are you married?”

I said, “No, sir, it is just an ornamental ring.”

He frowned. “You shouldn’t wear it on your wedding finger. And why are you not married? Tall, handsome and intelligent man like you?”

I said, “I have not found the right one, sir.”

He stopped. “Ah, that means you have not been looking. In my church, there are brilliant, beautiful, successful ladies who are desperate for marriage. Some are even willing to pay for a husband.” We both laughed. He continued, “Seriously, give me your number. I will personally find you a beautiful, successful and God-fearing wife.”

And I responded, “Actually, sir, I am a homosexual.”

He stood there looking at me, as though hard of hearing. Eyes open wide, jaw slack, swallowing and swallowing.

After a short while, he asked for the washroom. I pointed it to him. He excused himself, went in there and spent a little shorter than fifteen minutes, after which he came out and walked right by me, his face set in a stony grimace, his eyes avoiding mine, no inkling of recognition on his part. It was like he didn’t know me or I didn’t exist.

I have returned to my seat. And now, all I can do is laugh. How fickle-minded human beings are!

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  1. The hypocrisy of the average Nigerian Christian knows no bounds sha. Can you imagine. So suddenly all the goodness of the good Samaritan (which, by the way, he exuberantly noticed and praised) suddenly vanished in the face of the guy’s homosexuality? Is this cleric guy for real?

  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha… I can almost see the man “swallowing and swallowing..” hahahaha this writer is just too bad!!!

  3. I bet he had to empty his bowels of the gay meal he’d just been fed. As much as I don’t support same sex marriage, I don’t understand this, how a person’s humanity can disappear in the face of another’s homosexuality. I believe they’re humans and deserve our love.

  4. Can’t stop laughing at how fast the cleric switched lanes when the writer said he was gay. He couldn’t take it? Really? It is sad how far people can carry their prejudice.

  5. It’s funny though, how a ‘man of God’ feels free being cynical about the marriageability of his church women, and can bandy callous jokes about them. But instantly loses his sense of humour when the issue of homosexuality comes up. Wow. He can be a pimp but not a tolerant human being, eh?

  6. U can imagine! I am not a fan of same sex marriage and I don’t think I will ever be but that doesn’t mean they are not human and don’t deserve our respect

  7. The very definition of ‘man of God’ is suspect

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