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There is an on-line community of women who identify themselves as Feminists but do not follow the ideologies of Feminism, let alone understand what Feminism is even about. Basically, they are faux feminists; they tend to preach their own version of Feminism which has a negative impact on what the true definition of Feminism is – which is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of both sexes.

Faux feminists tend to see Feminism as a trend and/or an opportunity to exercise their own version of what they think equality is. These faux feminists hype their ideologies online behind their “feminist” title to make it seem legitimate but it ends up giving people a misrepresentation of what Feminism is.

The problem is that a lot faux feminists happen to be Feminazis – Misandrists. Faux feminists casually throw around the phrase “men are trash” when discussing romantic relationships, which gives people the impression that Feminists are just bitter, heartbroken women, an impression that is false (The #MenAreTrash Movement isn’t even centered around that) . Feminism does not preach misandry but faux feminists have caused many people to see Feminism as a man-hating movement that it is not.

Feminists are supposed to vouch for the equality of both sexes in every aspect, but faux feminists make it seem like men don’t face any real social issues. A total fib, this. Faux feminists tend to make things seem so one sided, as if the goal is for women to be more superior and for men to be pushed to the curb. Faux feminists look at the addressing of male social issues as misogyny and will call any female who tries to discuss those issues a “pick me” which is ironic because that is a term used to belittle other women. Feminism is about the empowering of women and the equality of all sexes.

In most instances, faux feminists will defend a woman when she gets physically assaulted but cheer on a woman when she physically assaults a man or sometimes just keep quiet about. It was really disturbing to see a bunch of faux feminists make a mockery of a video of two women raping a man and act like there was nothing wrong with it. Feminists are supposed to be for the equal treatment.

Originally published by Ugonna Ufere

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