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Fall Is Here And Here’s What I Want For TV

Summer is fun. Sadly, that is where TV, it seems, goes to die. Most of the TV shows I love all happen to be fall TV shows, so while I’m glad for shows like Suits and Devious Maids to keep me company during those dry tedious times of summer, I’m ecstatic that it’s just about time for most of my favourite fall TV shows to make their return.

Here are my top five TV shows that I simply cannot wait to return in order of expectation, of course:

  1. How To Get Away With Murder: A riveting, well-written, fast-paced drama that definitely lived up to its title; with a wonderful cast led by the faboo Viola Davis (nominated for an Emmy for her role as Annalise Keating), and a supporting cast of newbies who definitely made an impression. HTGAWM finished the season with a resolution of the season’s big mystery and somehow managed to still end with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. I am counting down the days till I can see them back on my screen.

The show premieres on September 24 2015.

  1. Jane The Virgin: Just like HTGAWM, this show had a title and premise that could have completely derailed it. I admit to being skeptical going into the series premiere, but boy, am I glad I did. Led by a wonderful performance by Gina Rodriguez (winner of Golden Globe for the role), and a supporting cast that all play their parts well, especially Jaime Camil who plays the role of Jane’s father, who was one of my favourite characters on TV all of last season. Jane The Virgin was a pleasant surprise, a funny, charming, heart-warming dramedy that definitely won me over. It ended on a nerve-wreaking, heartbreaking cliffhanger, and I can’t wait to see where Jane leads us to in Book 2 of the CW hit.

The show premieres on October 19 2015.

  1. Agents of Shield: As a huge nerd and a big fan of comics, I always wanted Agents of Shield to succeed, but following a mediocre debut season, I was glad to see the show finally grow and evolve into what a lot of viewers had expected in the beginning. A lot of that had to do with the introduction of Inhumans, which sparked life into the show. Led by the amazing Clark Gregg, AOS ended with an event that not only changes the face of the show but the entire Marvel cinematic universe. So I am quite excited to see how that goes about. And the fact that Australian hottie, Luke Mitchell was promoted to series regular definitely fuels that excitement.

The show premieres on September 29 2015.

  1. The Flash: The Flash literally came out with a bang, becoming the highest rated series premiere for any show on the CW, and held those numbers steadily for most of the season and rightly so. Led by Grant Gustin in a breakout performance, The Flash was a welcome brighter and lighter alternative to the dark and brooding Arrow. What impresses me the most about the show is the CGI, which was done on a TV budget and looked so impressive. I mean, did you see the work done on Gorilla Grodd? Only goes to show you how much the folks down at Fantastic Four really messed up. My one problem with The Flash though was that it did seem to get a bit Smallville-ly and that’s not a good comparison. The freak/villain of the week format is only as good as the villains themselves, and there were times last season when, because of the poor execution of some of the villains, the episodes fell flat. The show did end on a rather high note and I am looking forward to the unlimited potential stories that they creators come up with.

The show premieres on October 6 2015.

  1. Empire: Speaking of ratings, this was one show whose viewership kept rising and rising. It was definitely the most talked-about show and it had the most buzz. Empire is a musical soap opera, and like most soaps, the storyline can be rather cheesy and a tad predictable at times. The show started really well and kept raising the stakes with each episode right up until the last couple of episodes, where it seemed to lose its way a little bit. The season finale felt rushed and was weirdly edited and thus left me feeling rather indifferent about the show in general. But it’s still a fun show, with a standout performance from Taraji P. Henson’s Cookie, who is such a joy to watch. Here’s to hoping the myriad of guest stars in the second season don’t sink the show.

The show premieres on September 23 2015.

Honourable Mentions: Greys Anatomy (Sept 24), Scorpion (Sept 21), Madam Secretary (Oct 4), Modern Family (Sept 23), Elementary (November 5), The Originals (Oct 8), The Good Wife (Oct 4), The Vampire Diaries (Oct 8), Arrow (Oct 7), The Blacklist (Sept 24), The Big Bang Theory (Sept 21), Homeland (Oct 4), and last and definitely least, Scandal (Sept 24).

Written by Deola

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  1. I’m surprised The Good Wife got an honourable mention from you. So you’ll still watch the show I presume?
    Good choice of shows to look out for, I’ll have to catch up with their last seasons quickly before the new seasons premiere.
    Empire? Deola give it a rest, that show would soon come crumbling down, we both know it but only one of us anticipates it. Yeah, I’m beefing like that.
    Jane the Virgin was an absolute delight to watch, quite the surprise hit for me. I hope they still churn out the fun.
    I would say I can’t wait for these shows to resume but I’ll be lying. I can wait! Wait sef till the entire season ends and then I binge watch.

  2. Jane The Virgin is the one I’m anticipating with all my heart. That and HTGAWM. Empire though…I’m just looking at that one with side-eye

  3. Despite my affection for Elementary, Agents of Shield, HTGAWM, Homeland and Scandal, the one right after my heart is dear old Big Bang Theory…I cannot wait!

  4. Also looking forward to Empire and HTGAWM. Thanks for names of new T.v. shows to buy.

  5. Walter!!!!, I dey para like mad for you!!!!. Based on your recommendation, I go download Jane the Virgin, not happy at all. The sound tracks they play, the theme song, is just another telenovela. The only difference is that it is English spoken instead of english dubbed. I believe it should be a show on nickelodeon. Mstchewwwww, my mb don waste, I don download four episodes, I don watch two, n I never even had a really good laugh n they put the genre as comedy.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      Hey hey hey, that series is GOOD!!!! Cheesy in its telenovela thing, but that works for it. And the comedy is good. But then again, I suppose its different strokes for different people.

  6. OK, maybe I was too fast to condemn Jane the Virgin. After the 4th episode, I don draw my chair near my laptop make I see Wetin won happen.

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