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EZE GOES TO SCHOOL (Prelude To The 50th)

I very recently realized that we are nearing the 50th episode of Eze Goes To School. It’s a very significant hallmark, especially considering that when I started out on this journey, I never envisioned I’d get this far. If this was a Hollywood TV series, they’d wait to the 100th episode to celebrate such distinction attained. But no be film be this, and to those who are secretly wishing I will keep writing and entertaining y’all till the 1000th episode, well, all I can say is DAFUQ?! 😀

Anyway, to mark this golden jubilee, I was thinking about doing something different for the next episode. And so, the idea of ‘What is your Eze Goes To School experience?’ was birthed. The reason this series has being quite the hit is because of the profession of a relationship to the storyline by the readers. And that is a given, considering we all attended secondary schools, a bulkier number boarding schools. And so, every one of you must have a memory of an experience in secondary school that would make for a titillating story.

So, what is your Eze Goes To School experience?

For all you ‘writerly’ readers, I would like entries, out of which the best two will be updated for the 50th episode. The writers of these two pieces…well, they won’t be winning any amazing prizes. Just a giveaway of two free copies of my new book and a N1500 airtime of any network. The entries have to be 1000 words and a narration of a secondary school experience. And the deadline for the submission for entries would be midnight Tuesday 29th April, to enable the vetting of the work and posting on Wednesday 30th. Entries are to be submitted to the email address, ask4waltz@yahoo.com.

What is your Eze Goes To School experience? Write and entertain us with that story.

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  1. And here comes the challenge! Okie dokie! Eze nwaforigbo where art thou?!

  2. *moonwalking out of the bathroom* 😀 😉

  3. *singing*. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah, I’ll drink to that…… yeah, yeah! Courtesy of Riri! This is to you, Walter; Cheers! LMAO!

    Congratulations Walter on the attainment of a golden milestone in this sure- to- be award winning series. And a brilliant idea this is to herald in the big 5-OH episode. Kudos!

  4. Chai! Why I no sabi write self?

  5. Congrats, Walter. You should also include a chance for the winners to get a free ‘Selfie’ with the award-winning celebrity writer 🙂

  6. Ok. So since I did not go to a boarding school, I should jump enter lagoon abi? Issorait. I’ll dig up boring anecdotes then… Meanie Walter! #sad face

  7. Ehm….Walter….ehm….sorry, where was I??? Sorry can’t remember jare. All the same tnx for d opportunity, and well done on d 50th episode, really can’t wait o!!!!!!!!!

  8. Shey, you don see am now! Like say I sabi write I for don win one-five now. Mtchw… I don fall my own leg!

  9. this is worth celebrating.#cheers#

    Dear Walter,

    but i don’t know how to write.#sadface#

    Yours sincerly


  10. wetin man sorry woman go do na. i no go boarding secondary skool but i go boardin university. does dat count, wide grin* walter, i put ur share of my birthday cake in d fridge, come pick it up#inqueen english. congrats my boy, keep it up.

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