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FOREWORD: I apologize for not posting any episode of Eze Goes To School last Monday. I also apologize, in advance, for the briefness of this episode. I actually wrote this piece this very morning, and would have continued, if not for the pressing nature of my Monday schedule. The reason for my inattention to the series is partly because of how crazy things have gotten around me, and partly because of my reluctance to finish it; because, believe it or not, the end is near. Even though I’m strongly flirting with the idea of bringing the boys back for SS1. (That flirtation is strongly under advisement).

Anyway, read the episode below, and crucify me when you’re done. (I’m expecting the crucifixion. Lol. Bear in mind that I have apologized o!)


Continued from Eze Goes To School (Episode 64). Read HERE

“They are asking questions, Seetha,” the translucent figure, hovering cloud-like beside the human, says coldly. It is formless, appears ephemeral, as though the whiff of a strong gust from the night can blow it away. But the malevolence in its presence is undeniable, and the young human squatting beside it seems faintly ill at ease by its proximity.

“I know,” he replies.

“They do not seem cowed by your threats and invasion of their dreams,” the figure snarls.

“I know this,” Seetha says again, resenting the figure’s statement of the obvious.

“And now, they suspect – know – that you are very present in the school,” the figure scolds, turning with the most infinitesimal of movements. It has no face, but Seetha can feel the searing heat of its glare on him. “You should not have rid yourself of the habitat of the albino.”

“He was weak,” hisses the cat-demon. “Frail, and lacking in the substance for the kind of strength I need.”

“And now, his absence has left the boys wondering, believing. Knowledge of our presence is power to the humans, you know that.” The last three words comes out in a whiplash, and Seetha flinches. Instinctively, his body begins to deflate, and the bristles start to sprout from his human skin. “DON’T YOU DARE CHANGE YOUR FORM IN MY PRESENCE WITHOUT MY SAY-SO!” It is a whispery snarl, but the command is roared, a bark that beats the cat-demon into submission. He drops on all fours, making mewling sounds as his face is turned away from the magnificence of his superior.

“You insignificant, foolish demon!” the figure continues to berate in a sharp tone, its translucency brightening with each forcefully-uttered word. “Your idiocy may cost us all that we have worked hard for. Have you learned nothing from Sisiri’s foolhardy? How his arrogance cost him his place on earth, and shamed him to eternal defeat back to his serpentine realm? HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING!”

Seetha quails on his haunches, whimpering some more.


“Yes, master…”

“I will not suffer this world with my presence on this issue anymore, is that clear?”

“Yes, master…”

The translucency dims, and the undercurrent of malignancy caused by the hold of evil on the atmosphere lightens. And just like that, the figure departs from the cat-demon’s side. And in the wake of its departure, Seetha rises from the ground, not as human, but as the ghostly-furred, giant cat, with its morbid eyes gleaming with a baleful fire directed at his destination.


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