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Etisalat denies the ‘Uche, face your work’ customer service call

etisalat-650x400Giant telecommunications company, Etisalat has disowned the very funny, alleged Etisalat customer care call which went viral last month on the social media. Speaking with Encomium Weekly last Friday, February 7, 2014, spokesperson of the telecommunications company reacted to the alleged call:

“We are aware of the telephone conversation from the so-called Etisalat customer care personnel. We are currently investigating the matter but it is not a commercial from Etisalat. All our commercials are handled by our agency and it will be duly signed before it can be released.”

Encomium Weekly’s checks revealed that no agency has laid claim to the commercial. However, speculations abound that the commercial might have come from competitors and detractors who are adapting measures on how to cope with the competitive market.

And to think I am both an Uche and a customer care personnel… Kai! Hey, don’t look at me, I was facing my work when that call was allegedly made.

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  1. Anyi a ga-ajukwanu onye? :p

  2. So U work at Etisalat cc but seriously dat phone conversation is hilarious!

  3. This Uche mind your work is very entertaining to me. It can cure stress and high blood level. The day I listened to it, I laughed and laughed out all my pains. If any body is using it as an agreesive marking strategy against Etisdalat, they have only used it to promote Etsalat net work to me in particuar.

    • You have a point. I honestly don’t think Etisalat should distance itself from the advert. It says good about them, that is, when you’re done laughing and stop to consider the real message behind the ad.

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