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He has a gift – his singing. He has a medium – his voice. And he has dedicated it all in the service of the Lord. His name is Buzor, and he has already begun his journey up the path of gospel act greatness.

And in a bid to know more about this young man who combines his studies with a budding singing career, Kelechi Alozie from MyMindSnaps sat down with Buzor to ask questions about life, love and music.


Kelechi Alozie: So tell us, how do you combine your singing career with school and all?

BUZOR: Well, Secondary School prepared me for the vigour of such a combination, when I juggled extra rehearsals with my education. Luckily, it worked for me, and by the time I graduated into the University, I’d become quite adept at multitasking both.

KA: Any awards won so far?

BUZOR: None yet, considering my career is barely up to a year old. But I’m working on a song that is sure to get such an acclaim.

KA: What about church awards, or any recognition of any sort – have you had any of those?

BUZOR: Well, I’ve been recognized right here on MyMindSnaps as the celebrity of the week, and by asiri.com.ng as its current celebrity of the month. I’ve also been recognized in my home diocese as the most distinguished minister of the year.Uzom

KA: What has it been like, studying Law in Imo State University, Owerri and being a gospel artiste at the same time? Any conflicts?

BUZOR: None. Both are separate parts of my life, and I try to maintain that distinction. It hasn’t been easy though, considering how erratic and hectic the pace of studying Law at IMSU can be. Sometimes, we have to write exams in under two months of a semester, and I’ll find myself rapidly shifting paths from singer mode to student mode.

But I won’t trade this for anything. My lecturers have been so good, kind and understanding to me so far.

KA: You sing at the cathedral, don’t you? Tell me what that’s like, and the significance of your performances in your spiritual life.

BUZOR: I see my singing in church as a form of drawing people closer to God. It’s like I’m singing and they are being lifted. I am lifted as well. It’s a totally refreshing spiritual experience. Music is a powerful tool, and when it is used to the glory of God, or to communicate with Him, there is absolutely no feeling like it, and no emotion to sufficiently describe it.10882343_966607166702760_438557368316860307_nKA: What other talents do you have? And what do you do in your spare time? What do you do to unwind?

BUZOR: I do a bit of acting, but nothing fancy. Some modeling too. And I’m into choir directing too. (chuckle) So you see, there really isn’t even a spare time, because what breathing space I get, I put into something else to further develop my brand. When you are working your way up a career path, it is much harder and more tasking, especially if you are disciplined and determined to make it.

And to unwind, I either take to swimming or watching movies – Oh, I love movies. I read as well; have a small library of novels. Or I simply lie down and sing. I find that such a soliloquy of songs in a quiet moment can be very therapeutic for me.

KA: Tell us about the people you’ve worked with in your singing career and your experience with them.

BUZOR: I’ve had the great pleasure of working with First Love Assembly’s Melody Vallence and Bossman, during last year’s Easter Music Banquet held by Edsylon Limited, and it was awesome. I have also worked with Minister Onyi Moore Ogbonna during the parade of Eagle’s Concert held by the Anglican Youth Fellowship, Ikeduru Diocesan Council, and she is one blessed lady. I’ve also worked with others like Onyinye Samuel and Emstrings from House On The Rock, Owerri.

In the course of my career, I intend to work and collaborate with more artistes. I believe I can learn more from such collaborations.

KA: Are you in any relationship? If yes, tell us about it.

BUZOR: Yes, I am in a relationship. It’s serious, but I’d prefer to keep my private life private.

KA: Who is your role model?

BUZOR: My role model is my Dad. He is a great man, and I aim to be even greater. (smile) Ambitious, yes I know.

KA: From what source do you draw your inspiration?

BUZOR: I draw my inspiration from life experiences, and how I react to them. And then, ultimately from God and the sheer wonder of His existence and supremacy.

KA: Any future aspirations?

BUZOR: Yes, I believe it’s time Gospel Music began to take a centre stage in the world. And so, I would say that at least, one of my future aspirations would be put Gospel Music in the international A-list headline.

KA: What is your motto in life?

BUZOR: My motto in life is for one not to stop until he gets there, and even when you get there, keep going. There’s just no limit. The possibilities of a destination are endless.

KA: Okay, thank you very much for your time, Buzor.

BUZOR: It’s being my pleasure.


Buzor already has two singles out – ADORE featuring Sandy and Gil Wizzy (Download HERE) and MEE YA EZE featuring The Resonance Choir (Download HERE).

To get more acquainted with this next great gospel act, you may follow him on Facebook HERE, on Twitter @minister_buzor, and on instagram @minister_buzor. Or you can contact him by sending an email to the address, ministerbuzor@gmail.com.

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  1. *Jumps up and down like an obsessed school girl* Oh its Buzor, its Buzor. My idol, my hero. *swoons*

  2. Hahaha Anyi I swear you are heading to hell lol

  3. In my head, I saw this interview on TV. Nice.

  4. buzor i love the interview reading it, it was like am watching it live buh somewhere in it when you were asked the peeps you’ve worked with you left out sandy, dab, emekabass, least of all my humble self at least you should have just appreciated them. buh all same i love it and my earnest prayer is God lifts us all up


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