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“Enough of these Setbacks!” – Genevieve Nnaji Joins The Call To #BringBackOurGirls

Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji shared on her official Facebook her thoughts on the trending topic, and urges everyone to sign a petition. Read…

‘I’ve always been of the belief that less words and more action speaks greater volumes.

‘But in this case of no foreseen action, I believe some talking is in order. The abduction of these young girls goes against everything that we as Africans fought for, for so many years. What we as Nigerians have been faced with and have been fighting over these past years. Not to mention what we women and mothers still fight against till this very day.

‘Kidnapping, abduction, slavery, child bride and the complete disrespect and disregard for human life and rights is, in my opinion, every wrong that seems to be getting away here.

‘Reports say that our babies are being shipped off to neighboring countries, distributed and married off. How could this be when we have appointed men to protect us? Why are we called giants if we can’t trample over ants?

‘Enough of these setbacks!! There are way too many distractions for this Nation to achieve its true potential. It is time to respond and to act!!

‘I know it’s not easy being a leader of a country but like some people love to point out to me…just when they are about to sympathize with the challenges that comes with being in my position and then remember the perks, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR.

‘Please we implore, we plead and we beg,.. Save our girls! Help bring the girls back home by doing as little as signing this petition – HERE #bringbackourgirls


‘Genevieve Nnaji MFR.’

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