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Dear Manny (Wedding Felicitations To A Great Man)

Dear Manny,

Today, I shall not address you as Dr Essien. I am not your patient today, you are not my doctor. We are not going to talk about my depression, and mental and emotional states today.

Today, I want to take time out to talk about the many ways that you have been a huge positive force from the very first minute that you walked into my life without asking questions. I want to tell everyone who cares to read, just how amazing you are in every shade.

However, a second thought hit my mind. It is going to be one hell of a task writing about all the ways that you have brought sunshine to my very dark world. I can’t think of a way to measure how valuable you are to me. You know that John Greene’s book, The Fault In Our Stars? That very popular line in it: “…some infinities are bigger than other infinities”. I never really knew what it meant until now. Writing about you is just one hell of a very big infinity, which explains why I am finding it difficult to write anything befitting.

You see, you taught me how to believe again. Not just in myself. You taught me how to believe in life again, even when all indications showed that I was neck deep in despair. You taught me what perspective is; how to see things differently. You made me see the power in positive thinking and attitude. You made me appreciate the beauty in pain and the light that emanates from therein. It’s an encyclopedia, the many things that I have had the very fortunate pleasure to learn from you. So it is a grave gross understatement to say that you have made me not just a stronger person, but a better person.

So, you are not just my doctor when my crazy is breaking boundaries and threatening to drown me in my melancholic tears. You have been a true friend that has come to my rescue many more times than my kith and kin have. You have been a family member that one can only wish for. You’ve guided and counselled me like an elder brother would. You have listened to my nagging, my fears, my worries, and what sides of me that are rarely shown to the world have had to say, like a reliable, trustworthy confidant that you are. Words can’t quantify. You are the original WAJE (words ain’t just enough).

You have scolded me when need be. You have also apportioned me praises when I deserved them. You have heard me cry, and you have watched me grown into the stable less-psychotic person that I am today. You have watched me stumble and helped me up. You have seen me make progress and even pulled me higher. You have given me support when almost all the world seemed to have their backs to me. You didn’t give up on me, even what I badly wanted you to do so.

I cannot begin to state how grateful I will forever be. I am hugely indebted to you. It cannot even be valued in currency bills. But each and everyday, the many ways that you have taught me to improve my life, will forever speak of your benevolence.

So today, as you marry the woman of your dreams (hello, Emem), it saddens me more than I’d like to admit or think that I will not be there present to share in your joy and happiness. My reasons are circumstantial and obvious to you. I pray that you mercifully find it easy to pardon me. We both know that I’d love to be there if I could help it.

Nevertheless, my wishes for you today, are best of wishes. I wish you a blissfully happy married life. May it be everything that you have envisioned. May you always look back on today and smile. May your marriage be one of the numerous ways that life uses to remind you that indeed, it is truly a good life.

Happy married life, Manny. Have a blissful age with Emem.

PS. I know that you cannot dance to save your life, but just try. Put them to shame. ????


With great love,
Yours Affectionately,

Somadina Oriyomi Yahaya.

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  1. Oh my! This is just so sweet and thoughtful. We should appreciate people while they are here with us. Not when they are gone. If I can feel this way reading this beautiful letter, imagine how the Doc will feel. Thank you for writing.

    I don’t know the Doc but I know Emem (awa E Tea drinker) on the social space. I have this deep joy within cos I know this one is forever. I just know it, I feel it and I know it.

    Happy married life to them.

    • Dear Elsie, thank you for reading. Manny and Memmy are such amazing people. I join your wishes to mine and wish them a fabulous married life.

  2. To be a person that commands this amount of love and respect from another being is an awesome thing. To know that there are people who admire you this much and think of you as this valuable is a blessing.
    Happy birthday, Manny. Seems like your pieces on MMS aren’t the only awesome things about you.

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