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Davido To Debut Acting Skills In Nollywood Movie

Most pop stars venture into movies at some point in their careers, so it was only natural for Davido to add acting to his resume following his success in the world of music.

The 21 year old music star recently came under fire for turning up over 5 hours late for a sold out show in New York City which was eventually shut down by New York City Policemen 15 minutes after he got on stage, the epic fail of a concert saw many of Davido’s fans, who attended the show, blast him on twitter.

The ‘Gobe’ singer is not letting any of that bother him as he is now taking his chances with acting. He will be starring in a new movie produced by his cousin, Ikechukwu Ojeogwu (pictured above with Davido), who is an actor and producer. The movie is reported to be directed by renowned director Teco Benson.

Ojeogwu had this to say about Davido’s debut Nollywood appearance:

‘This is Davido’s first movie appearance, I, as the producer, have been able to work out things in such a manner that it would be beneficial to us all. I’ve crafted out a role that I know would put him in a comfortable position and won’t make him either excessive or otherwise.

‘I know how big Davido is and I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on him because of his busy schedule and it is his first appearance. Furthermore, the script is in such a way that he doesn’t over shadow the beauty of the script but to add his weight to the success of the project.’

So, would you go see a movie with Davido in it? 😀

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  1. Oh sweet nepotism. You had to come ruin this young man, i had such hopes for him. Having his big Hollywood break, alongside George Cloony.

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