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‘Your Daughter Has Sex With Demons!’ Christian Woman Lashes Out At Katy Perry’s Father In Must-See Video

It looks like we have another video to add to our ever-growing library of Christian extremists suffering major on-camera meltdowns.

The latest comes from a “Christian” woman who recently hunted down Katy Perry‘s father, Keith Hudson, to scold him for raising a daughter who she believes “walks with Satan” and is “leading millions of young women and young men to hell!”

“I am rebuking you because my kid is watching your kid’s videos and it’s sending him to hell!” the woman screams. “Shame on you!”

“Have you seen her video ‘E.T.?’” the woman asks, referring to a music video Perry released almost five years ago. “She’s having sex with demons on the video!”

Not to nitpick or anything, but Katy actually makes out with an alien in that video, which is very different from having sex with a demon. But we digress.

“I have a right to judge you!” the woman continues. “The fruit of your tree is pretty rotten! … God is angry with the wicked every day. And your daughter is wicked!”

Check out the insane verbal assault below…

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  1. Just imagine idiocy. Madam, abeg go home and raise your children. Stop looking for who to drop blame on the doorstep for however bad your kids turn out. The right to judge ko. just hear how mad she sounds.

  2. Angel of God, you don try. You don tell am wetin God wan tell am since, make him daughter stop to dey open leg for ekwensu, na very very bad thing be that.
    Oya, you fit go home now, go focus on making sure say your pikin no watch television ever again, him eye fit come jam Madonna or Lady Gaga, even Nicki Minaj sef. Ekwensu wives them full everywhere, kukuma kpai go heaven.

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