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Et Tu Ben Affleck? Famous Men Who Slept With The Nanny

So, in shocking cheating celebrity news, it looks like Ben Affleck might be the most recent celebrity to end his marriage by sleeping with the nanny. And he’s certainly not alone. These cheating celebrity husbands also made a big mistake by getting caught with the help.

Cheating Hollywood husbands 1 Ethan HawkeETHAN HAWKE
Ethan Hawke is still dating his former nanny Ryan Shawhuges, even though the two swear they didn’t officially get together until Ethan and Uma Thurman’s divorce was finalized in 2005.

Cheating Hollywood husbands 2 Arnold SchwarzeneggerARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER
The entire nation found out about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair with his nanny Mildred Baena, when she revealed their now-grown son to the tabloids.

Cheating Hollywood husbands 3 Robin WilliamsROBIN WILLIAMS
Robin Williams had an affair with his children’s au pair, Marsha Garces, one which turned into a 19-year marriage.

Cheating Hollywood husbands 4 Jude LawJUDE LAW
One of Jude Law’s children caught him in bed with their nanny Daisy Wright. Things got even more awkward for the kids when Jude and Daisy kept dating for five more years.

Cheating Hollywood husbands 5 Jon GosselinJON GOSSELIN
Apparently, taking care of Jon and Kate’s Plus 8 didn’t give multi-tasking babysitter Stephanie Santoro enough to do. Months before Jon’s divorce to Kate was finalized, the babysitter spilled that she’d been sleeping with Jon for quite some time.

Cheating Hollywood husbands 6 Mick JaggerMICK JAGGER
Mick Jagger has had sex with 4,000 women, including a nanny named Claire who he bedded hours after she was hired to take care of his son.

Cheating Hollywood husbands 7 Rob LoweROB LOWE
Rob Lowe’s marriage to Sheryl Lowe ended in 2008 when one of their nannies sued him for sexually harassing her and one of his other employees. Rob said it was all part of a scheme to extort him for $1.5 million and sued them back for breaching their confidentiality agreements.

Cheating Hollywood husbands 8 StephonMarburySTEPHON MARBURY
Thurayyah Mitchell didn’t babysit for Stephon and Tasha Marbury’s kids, but she did cook for them. She also slept with Stephon. And when Tasha and Stephon’s hush money checks stopped coming, she spilled the affair to the tabloids just in time for Tasha’s debut on Basketball Wives.

The Cinema Society & The Wall Street Journal Hosts 'The Groomsmen'PETER COOK
In a new twist on an old classic, Peter Cook blamed ex-wife, Christie Brinkley for his affair with their 19-year-old nanny. Not only was he not sorry when he got caught, he blamed Christie for not keeping him faithful by sleeping with him more.

Cheating Hollywood husbands 10 Sarah EvansSARA EVANS
Sometimes outing your husband for sleeping with the help doesn’t go as planned. Right after the country music singer and Dancing With the Stars alum accused her ex-husband Craig Schelske of sleeping with the nanny, the nanny sued her for $3 million for getting it wrong. And then Craig outed Sara for her affairs in one of the messiest divorces in country music history.

Cheating Hollywood husbands 11 Ben AffleckBEN AFFLECK
Could Ben’s affair with nanny Christine Ouzounian be the reason for he and Jennifer Garner’s divorce? Ben denies the affair, but it certainly would explain their quick split.

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  1. Tsk tsk!!
    Mick Jagger tho!! :/ :/
    Like, seriously???

  2. These things eh, these stories of rampart infidelity between husbands and the help, it can mess with a woman’s/wife’s mind. Nawa o. See Ben Affleck nau and see gorgeous Jennifer Garner, and then see the kain nonsense woman he went to mess around with. 9 out of 10, the wives are usually better-looking than the other women (nanny). Why do men eff up like this

    • And that Cook guy? Electric chair for him, I say!!!! With his idiotic reason for sleeping with the help sef.

  3. maybe because variety is the spice of life & unconfirmed research says ugly ladies are better in bed. not that I’m trying to justify infidelity but… *falls inside gutter*

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