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Celeb Of the Week

I knew about Elsie Godwin before I met her. And when I met her, I realized she is that woman who has a reputation that is larger than life.

Larger than herself, even. Lol. I saw her, and it seemed she defined the word ‘petite.’

But her frame belies her true nature of intelligence and influence. She’s a blogger and a writer, and someone with such a wealth of knowledge on the dynamics of men and women, that I find myself wondering that I might soon open a Vanguard newspaper to see a ‘Dear Aunt Elsie’ column in it.

When I asked her to speak a bit about herself for the benefit of this feature, here’s what she had to say:

‘As an aspiring entrepreneur, I started blogging on the 29th of December 2012, on a wordpress platform. I actually thought of having a blog first when I wanted to share my experience of a bad relationship with others. I’d approached my friends who used to blog then to help me post it, but they all declined and asked me to do it myself. I let the thought slide until after two months when I had the urge to write about virginity and its advantages. I did a little scribbling, opened my blog site on wordpress and posted. I got a good response from those who read and I kept at it. At first it was all fun for me, until I saw the idea of touching people’s lives through my blog. Now it’s www.elsieisy.com, and I love the progress already. I have come across great writers, still meet more and I adore my readers. I am still enjoying every bit of it. The growth is amazing, and that makes the hard work a bit bearable.

‘I am about putting out a lot of positivity into the world. I let what I do encourage those who come across my deeds. I hope to make people understand that we are all humans and we make mistakes but that mistakes shouldn’t stop you from moving forward. I hope to make people understand that our challenges are there to make us a better person and point us to the right direction most times, and I hope to make a difference no matter how little it seems.’

And there it is, folks – what Elsie Godwin is about. If you haven’t already, you should pay a visit to her blog, elsieisy.com. She’s currently running down a blog-fest of stories that are both educative and entertaining. More pictures of her below. 10454321_10202059454767696_5077547584169231121_n400574_10200799992081916_7408240127191172370_n9

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Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. I like the last photo with the black top…..and hey, we heard nothing about her relationship status (not like I expect such a sweet one to be ‘available’).

    It’s a fact, Elsie can write, she’s not afraid to take on issues headlong, and she wont be intimidated by anyone. Simply put, she’s a whole lot of great content squeezed into a pretty, not-so-large vessel

  2. i knew elsieisy back in 2013…tho i havnt met her in person,she has touched my life through her blogging and her personality,i respect her level of maturity and friendliness towards everybody she comes across….my word to her is “keep pushing forward,and keep doing what u love most” God will take u places…

  3. Elsieisy my almostey!!! First of all, congrats. I am proud to have watched you grow from the beginning to where you are now. When you collect your first award, I must be there sef cos I be grand patriot of elsieisy. Lol

  4. Me na ur consistency and energy dey trill me.. You’ve got a sweet smile too.. lol! More grease

  5. Joe sang a song …….you remind me of that girl….. And that’s exactly what you did anytime I see your beautiful pix. Girl,keep the flag flying,never relenting,never tired and always focus. Love you girl. Congra2ulations!!!

  6. I don’t know much ’bout you Elsie dearie, but I’d love to learn more! One thing’s for sure though, you’re REALLY easy on the eyes, ‘hawt’ and that’s way cool! Keep on soaring darl, cheers! LOL

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