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Celeb Of The Week

This was one of the first friends I made when I started on my current job. Fun. Loyal. Kind. She is that girl next door that your sister would love to emulate. You know, the one your mother will look across the fence at and say sternly to her daughter, “Now, why can’t you be like Mary?”

That’s right, her name’s Mary Abaruo. Strong-willed and never intimidated by any adverse situation. She’s a sociologist by qualification, who doesn’t believe in snappy first impressions. There should always be an allowance to study someone before you draw your conclusions about what kind of person he or she is, she believes.

Oh, and even though she’s not bossy, she’s a boss in whatever she does. Remember that Beyoncé’s Ban Bossy campaign? Now, this is a spokeswoman they really should consider hiring. 🙂

More pictures below.Mary 2

Mary 3

Mary 4

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