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Celeb Of The Week

Kenneth 02He is famously known as ‘The Body’, and that became immediately apparent to me when I saw him on the pages of a fashion publication, you know, one of those reading materials designed to make women sigh with pleasure and men (that is, fellas like me) make that never-ending promise to hit the gym.

The model, Kenneth Nwadike, shot into the limelight with his win as the Model of Africa in 2011, and subsequently went on to make history and Africa proud by emerging as a semi-finalist in the Mister International competition, a feat which has only being attained by two other African countries (Namibia and Angola) since the inception of the leading men’s competition in 2006.

He has been dubbed amongst other international models as one of the new faces to watch out for and has become a favourite with such designers as David Wej, Prima Rouge, Mai Atafo, Frank Osodi and many more.

When asked, he says he loves exercise. Well, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to stay in shape. More pictures below.Model Kenneth Nwadike 02okk oo300168_281653865189307_100000340867313_910013_1963629476_nzk4

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  1. See ‘hawtness’ o. Err Walter, you didn’t say if he’s ‘taken’ or not. Even if he is, I just might agree with Funmi Iyanda on that sharing thing. This hawtness is just too much for one person joor. Besides “there’s love in sharing”. 😉

  2. DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. And here I was thinking that Shakey was my friend…. (˘̯˘) (˘˘̯)

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