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Will Beyoncé Return To The Big Screen For Bradley Cooper’s “A Star Is Born” Remake?

Actor Bradley Cooper is making is directorial debut with a remake of A Star Is Born, and according to Page Six, “Beyoncé is a go.”

It’s been nearly six years since she stood alongside Idris Elba in the box-office thriller Obsessed and nine years since Golden Globe nominated role in Dreamgirls, but don’t go looking for this remake to hit theaters anytime soon, as insiders say the movie won’t be ready to film until the end of next year, or even January 2017.

As far as what role Beyoncé will reprise from the remake, details are mum. However, Us Weekly has reported that the singer is actually interested in focusing more of her attention on disciplining herself in the craft of acting, in which she’d like to take on less of a musical part and more of an “iconic dramatic role.” In addition, it was reported that she’d like to be a part of a “film that’s socially relevant to African American rights.”

Well, knowing the backstory of the 1937 film that has been remade twice already, we’d guess that Beyoncé would be the main character, who is a small-town aspiring actress who moves to Hollywood in hopes of launching her career.

This will be interesting to see what Beyoncé brings to this role, as she makes her foray back into the acting world. What are your thoughts?

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  1. They’ve been talking about this remake for sooooo long now, it seems like one of those projects that just won’t ever get made. I remember it wasn’t even Bradley Cooper that was going to direct it. Some other famed director (I forget his name). But he wanted Beyonce so bad but she couldn’t commit cos she’d just had Blue Ivy, or was preggars. Now this. They must really be determined to cast her in this remake.

  2. She is not a good actress, why want her so bad? Na juju?

  3. She should just sing abeg. She can be wooden at times as an actress.

  4. I loved Beyoncé in dream girls and pink panther…I think she’s a decent enough actress. With the right director it could work. Bradley Cooper is a joy to watch…I really hope he’ll prove to be as gifted in directing.

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