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Petition Demands That Beyoncé’s Birthday Be Declared A National Holiday

I’m a full-time member of the Bey Hive, so when I woke up on Friday and a fellow Beygency member had to remind me that that day was the day of the Lord – sorry, the Queen Bey, I was mortified. But hey, I rallied quickly and celebrated the pop star the way any fan would do. I updated a picture on instagram and made a wisecrack about how September 4 should be made an international holiday because the Queen Bey runs the universe.

But one Brooklyn fan took things a step further when they decided to head over to WhiteHouse.gov to start a petition demanding that the Obama Administration formally declare Bey Day a national holiday.

If passed, Americans are invited to celebrate September 4th by acknowledging that girls run the world, reminding everyone around them that “they woke up like this,” reminding their ex’s that if they liked it, they should have “put a ring on it,” flexing while their hands are raised and of course, by “feeling themselves.”

“In recognition of Beyoncé Knowles’ (also known as Sasha Fierce) numerous positive contributions to the betterment of both the musical landscape and society as a whole, we hereby petition the Obama Administration to officially declare September 4th ‘B’Day,’” the petition reads.

So far, the petition has received 1, 134 1,135 signatures. 98,865 signatures are need by October 3.  As much as the FLOTUS adores Bey, we highly doubt Mrs. Carter’s birthday will be added to the national calendar any time soon.

Nice try though, Bey Hive.

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  1. 1135 souls that are beyond redemption. Tufia

  2. This woman is a FORCE sha, like no other celebrity. Damn!

  3. Oh God in heaven, save us from those who’ve got way too much free time on their hands. I ask this through Jesus Christ out Lord. Amen.

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