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‘Beyoncé and Jay Z make marriage cool.’ John Legend

John Legend thinks Beyoncé and Jay Z make marriage ”cool”.

The ‘All Of Me’ singer, who is friends with the couple, thought their performance of ‘Drunk In Love’ at the Grammy Awards last month was ”sexy” and proved committed couples aren’t boring. He told BANG Showbiz:

”I loved it. I like seeing them display their love for the whole world to see.

”It makes me feel like I’m cool being married. We can be married and cool at the same time. Because they’re so guarded, it was exciting to feel like we got a peek behind closed doors. It was really sexy.”

Meanwhile, both John and Beyoncé recently performed at Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday party and the ‘Ordinary People’ hitmaker was moved by President Barack Obama’s speech to his wife. He said:

”It was really heartfelt. It was really inspirational for someone like me who had just got married, to see a couple who have been married for quite a while now, they just seem so truly in love. Not like infatuation in love, but mature, seasoned, weathered love that’s built to last.”

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  1. I hear you jare, John. Only Bey and Jay-Z knows for sure if their union’s all that you make it to be. Mase, who wrote a Bestseller and raked in quite a few million bucks on how to make a marriage work, has just gotten divorced from his wife. A lot of folks keep up appearances. Some things are just not what they seem but well, here’s hoping the ‘cool’ couple are an exception.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      She should divorce Jay and hook up with Usher joor. (˘˘̯) Beautiful people deserve to be the ones together.

      • No you didn’t! Calling a whole Jay-Z ‘fugly’?! The cheek! At least, his persona got him one of the most talented and hottest chicks to ever walk the face of the Earth. Na fine we wan chop? *Yimu*. LMAO!

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