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‘No One Owes You Anything.’ – BET Director Lilian Blankson Responds To BET Awards Backlash From Africa

The Director of Programming and Production at BET International, Lilian N. Blankson, has waded onto the controversy that is the 2015 BET Awards.

African acts expressed displeasure at how the awards organizers presented the ‘Best International Act’ category. And in the wake of their censure, Lilian Blankson has fired back.

In a series of tweets, Lilian raised issues inhibiting African acts making it onto the main stage at the BET, as well as urging African artistes who have been honoured on the platform before to speak the truth, rather than remain silent as a few others misinform the majority.

Below is the series of tweets by Lilian:bet1bet2bet3bet4bet5bet6

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  1. BET International is just embarassed by African acts, but wants to seem like they’re open-minded enough to include us in their award shows. lol. But this woman is right though. Our music industries need to up their game.

  2. She has a point

  3. So she is saying, start making your music less African, and more American and we would be accepted. Please let BET keep the awards. I don’t even have BET on my Subscription and this has been s o for the last 4 Years. Why, because there is nothing of value on the station other than Music , Artists and Ball Players. That might represent African Americans, But for Africans, we are more than that – Doctors, Lawyers, Industrialists and pretty much cut across all the spectrum of Life

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