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#BBATheChase Update: Nigeria’s Beverly gets her freak on; Let’s Housemate Angelo ‘finger’ her

Pictures1It is safe to say that this set of BBA housemates are the horniest housemates ever. Ever since the show started, there has been a lot of hooking up and sex going around. I suppose it was a matter of time before Naija got scandalized. Lol.

Nigerian rep Beverly Osu and fellow BBA housemate, South African rep Angelo, took their flirting to the next level last night after the Saturday party. The two went to one of the rooms where they kissed passionately and then Beverly allowed her dread locked wanna-be-lover to satisfy her sexually with his fingers. (Photo on the right).

Beverly’s moans of ecstasy as Angelo did his thing with his fingers were heard all over Africa and on Twitter as Nigerians expressed a wide range of emotions from support to disgust. Mostly disgust though. Right now, it is safe to say that most Nigerians are appalled by her outlandish carnal desires and a large number have even called for her prompt eviction from the house. See tweets below…

BB-A 1

BB-A 2

BB-A 3

BB-A 4

BB-A 5Some Nigerians however showed the Nigerian housemate support; chief among them is 2010 BBA winner, Uti Nwachukwu. See tweets below…BB-S 1

BB-S 2

BB-S 13

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  1. Big Sex Africa

  2. lellycious mudoti

    Honestly, Bevely is a handfull.Moaning an screaming before Africa.Did u ever stop to think about ur familys reputation an urs as a woman.Sorry to say this ,but u are a disappointment an disgrace

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