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Arnold Schwarzenegger Shuts Down A Homophobic Troll In The Best Response

On Friday afternoon, it was revealed that America had finally ruled that every single state in the country would allow same-sex marriage because, y’know, #LoveWins.

As a result of the Supreme Court ruling, which nicely coincided with Pride parades across the globe, all of social media quickly turned into a flurry of rainbows, with Facebook even creating a seriously nifty app that layered a rainbow flag over your profile picture to showcase your support.

It was pretty cool.

Anyways, obviously a whole load of celebrities publicly celebrated the ruling. And then, when veteran actor, action man, and former Californian mayor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, got involved, things took a turn for the amazing.

The 67-year-old Terminator star said in a statement that this new law was most definitely “the right decision”, before changing his public Facebook profile picture to a shot of himself as the Terminator, complete with rainbow flag.

True to form, it wasn’t long before those pesky Internet trolls reared their heads, and one in particular, Jakub Bielawski, got the shock of his life when he commented: “What’s wrong with U Arnie? I have to unlike…” on the new pic, and the actor actually responded, simply slaying with one of his trademark catchphrases:  “Hasta la vista.”ba65edd0-1d8b-11e5-8ed7-8b7363ddaef4_1530320_10153618875592018_70425212515577553

WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY TO BE ALIVE, SLAY, ARNIE, SLAY.2a800c90-1d8c-11e5-adea-dd651ae609c0_tumblr_mxd0s1X5hM1sduiwvo3_r1_500

It wasn’t long before Arnie’s retort went viral, with many flocking to the comment section of his pic to defend his honour and praise the star for his brilliant comeback.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, ladies and gents, terminating homophobes since 2015.

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  1. Oh this is a very classic response. Truly.
    Hasta la vista, muthaf**ker! 🙂

  2. Such a no-nonsense retort. Lol.

  3. Classic

  4. People and their opinions. At the risk of being attacked, how are you, Walter, going to address the issue of those, e.g. internal decorators, bakers who will be forced by the ruling to follow/obey the ruling even when it violates their beliefs? I am not talking about right to marry but that of decline to participate or help in a ceremony that violates their belief? Becos the same constitution preaches that they have right to religion.
    Permit me to say that your blog has not addressed this issue before, but constantly champions LGBT.
    On another note, WALTER, WHAT HAPPENED TO COMPOUND MATTERS? It is not fair to start a story and keep us hangin. I have been a follower over 3yrs and i will say it is not healthy to all concerned.
    Peace be to you

    • Phortunate, Compound Matters will start again next week Monday. Thank you for being such a faithful follower. I apologise for the long delay in posting new episodes.

      • Thank you very much, Eketti, esp for the prompt reply. I am waiting in anticipation. Thanks and God bless you…:)

    • The laws of a nation supersedes your religious laws partly because not everybody belongs to your religion & partly because most religious laws have no place in the 21st century. While I understand where you are coming from regarding internal decorators & bakers choosing not to help prepare a gay marriage because of their religious beliefs, ask yourself the following ;
      1.) by doing so, does that make them part of the ‘sin’?
      2.) how is that not discrimination?
      3.) will they bake cake/ decorate for other ‘sinners’?
      4.) to what limit do we push this religious freedom?

    • shakespeareanwalter

      @Phortunate, when you say ‘your blog has not addressed this issue before, but constantly champions LGBT’, you sound like it is a problem for me to champion LGBT issues. I am unapologetically pro-gay. So I don’t see why I shouldn’t use my medium to ‘champion LGBT issues.

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