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My dear adorable son, I love you very, very much. My love is without condition and I honestly hope that you’ll forever know that, no matter your age or how stubborn you’ll become, I’ll always love you unconditionally.

A recent incident has prompted me to write this open letter to you, and I do hope I’ll have trained you well enough to read it with an open mind.

While you were barely two years old, I went to a children’s birthday party with you. And feeling like a proud father, I took pictures of us and posted them online. A ‘friend’ saw the picture and gave me a call – two friends actually, but I’ll focus on the first. He said and I quote, “Guy, your son is too fine, way too fine. You better not send him to a boarding school. Send him to a day school, so we don’t get another gay convert. We already have enough gays; we don’t need to add your son as one more.”

Now, son, I don’t want to go into how stupid that comparison of schools is, but I was not proud of my next reaction; I simply laughed and told the caller that I wouldn’t send you to a boarding school. However, on the way home, I was bothered by the call. The cheek of the caller started to vex me, and I had to change my earlier ‘gentleman’ agreement. I thereafter sent him a message, and here is an abridged version of our conversation.

ME: Knowing how hard it is to be gay in this country, I wouldn’t wish it upon my son. But if it happens, then my son would be the luckiest guy in the whole world to have me as a father.

HIM: Calm down, I was only kidding. I did not say your son is gay.

ME: My boy is barely two years old. His sexuality or anything pertaining to sex should not be joked about. But when he starts dating, male or female, I hope he is comfortable enough to tell me, so I can protect him from the likes of YOU.

HIM: What do you mean from the likes of me? So you’ll be happy if your son is gay?

ME: I did not say I’ll be happy. I won’t be sad either. I’ll only do what is right by him, and that is to love him unconditionally, no matter what. It is what I’m supposed to do; it is what all parents are supposed to do. Love your child unconditionally.

Now, listen to me, son, the message I want to you to take away from this is that I’ll always be here for you through the good times and the bad. Life will be tough. People will not be what they claim to be. You will meet the good and the bad. But, realize that I’ll always be here, should you want to talk about it. When you start dating – and yes, I fear that day – but when it comes, please treat her right and make her feel special. Should you discover your feelings are for a boy, treat him right still.

That’s right! You heard me. Treat him right. People will frown upon what you feel, but know that I’ll still love you unconditionally. I pray I’ll be the father you’ll forever be comfortable to talk to, because with me in your camp, you’ll always be ready to take on the world.

This message also goes to your sisters, you all have to band together, for nothing can tear you apart when you do, not the world and their talk of who any of you sleeps with. It will not make any of you poorer, richer, better human beings or better looking than you already are. What matters is your heart. So, make it happy by doing what is right, living right and treating people right. Love whoever you want, but love them right and you shall be loved right in return.

Remember this: I’ll always love you unconditionally, whatever your sexual choices end up to be. Daddy has your back.

Written by Colossus

About shakespeareanwalter

Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Beautiful piece. Love the way the father reassured the son of some of the most basic things in life. Some of the most important. However, if my child is gay. I don’t just wanna think about it. I will send him to my father’s village. If he goes to farm once or twice and suffers a little…his sexuality will automatically reset. Forgive me if I offend you, but that is how I intend to change him or else, I will drown him myself. Lol. I nor like them at all…human rights bullshit…fags. Thank you for reading my rantings.

    • You don’t want to think about it? That’s the beginning of where you’ll fail your son. You have to think about it, you have to still treat him like your son and not like a house boy that got the neighbour pregnant.
      Sending him to the village to farm won’t “cure” him, castration won’t even be able to do that.
      Be careful what you say, drown your son? Do you have kids yet? Do you plan to have kids in the future? Be careful what you say. Drown him? Really?

    • “I will drown him myself. Lol.” Really? How can you laugh about drowning your son! Wow! You seem to have forgotten love your neighbor as your self. One of the 2 most important commandments. If everyone thinks of that before the write or utter rubbish, this world will be a whole lot better. Rubbish. Colossus, great write up.

    • Your bigoted, homophobic and psychopathic thoughts.

      You should be drowned yourself.

    • LMAO! Chai. This Owen Osarague’s comment amused me so very much. That one still thinks that menial labour (manly labour) cures homosexuality in this day and age is hilarious. Clearly, this commenter still believes homosexuality is equals to effeminacy in men. My dear, have you seen Kenny Brandmuse? Dude looks like he can till that your husband’s farmland thrice over. And yet he loves men.
      Chai. Some people’s ignorance though… *still chuckling* This comment really totally made my day.

    • Thanks for speaking your mind. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Maybe people should learn to say theirs’ and not attack others!

      • My dear! I tire o! He has made his opinion clear.. make yours and don’t “build” on his opinion! That is what is “killing” us as a people.. the need to attack others for not wanting to be “free-minded” and think like you would! If he chooses to “drown” his child.. It is his child! Not yours! It is now left for the law to take its course! Lets learn to pick our battles wisely.. #concerned.parents!
        Owen! Please you are so entitled to your opinion and when you have kids, the way you choose to treat/discipline them should be between you and your maker (and maybe the entire village..lol!)
        Please let us learn to respect one anothers’ opinions! #shikena.. #rant.over
        It is for Walter to be changing the face of MMS quarterly sha.. issorai!

        • shakespeareanwalter

          Come on, mrs O, you don’t see something that is clearly wrong and say ‘Oh well, it is your business’, especially when it is potentially harmful to another human being. They say, a village raises a child. That is why you have Social Services and the like. The point I’m making is, when you see a potential parent saying she or he would drown his/her child, no matter the cause, it is every well meaning individual’s responsibility to tell the person that IT IS WRONG. People are entitled to their opinions. Doesn’t make it right not to recognize that some opinions aren’t exactly right.

          • My dear! I get your point and not that I support the “drowning” statement.. my point was and still is you don’t have to attack the dude for “his opinion”. You have passed your message across to me without attacking me. If we can be more ‘respectful’ of peoples’ opinions, the world will be a better place. And even Owen put a “lol” after the statement which I assume he realizes was “silly”!
            I state again..telling him IT IS WRONG doesn’t mean you should attack him..that is what promotes “jungle justice/cyber bullying”. As a legal practitioner, I stick to “the law taking its course when a wrong/injustice has been done”, so if and when Owen becomes a parent and decides to really ‘drown a gay child’.. we should allow the law to take its course and deal with him as provided! Yeah! We are getting there as a nation. Though I believe your point is nipping it in the bud at this early stage. Oh well!
            And yea, I like the new face of MMS but I cant seem to open the various articles in multiple tabs, I either have to go back or open MMS afresh on multiple tabs.. Is it my laptop or a general issue? Please address Walter.. thank you.

        • shakespeareanwalter

          And ehen, you no like as Face of MMS don change this time? 😀

  2. Being gay is a psychological illness as well as being a murderer. Every psychological illness can be treated. Its only when you begin to make it look normal that it becomes so. I still take my stand that every spirit of ‘gayism’ is abnormal and can be cured through any suitable form of therapy.

    • Some children of tomorrow are in trouble, with the kind of potential parents we have today. Can’t we all just take a moment to appreciate the unconditional love and support of a father for his son on this Children’s Day?

    • Here is the thing, do yourself a favour and read up. I recently watched “The Imitation Game” starring Benedict Cumberbatch where he was one of the smartest British cryptographic to help crack a Nazi code and ultimately helped the allied forces win the war and shortened it by 2years.
      He was Gay and was placed on CHEMICAL CASTRATION to cure him of it. Well, needless to say, it did not work after some years and he committed suicide. I’ll like you to read up on chemical castration, I’ll like you to read up on the life of Alan Turing. Please I implore you, read up and realise that homosexuality is not psychological. The West once thought it was, they criminalised it and in the process, lost many great minds to depression and suicide.
      I beg you to please read, don’t sit at the comfort of your couch and form opinions, read up on the lives of Gay men, what they go through, how they’ve been treated, how they’ve survived. Make friends with a Gay man and learn, walk in his shoes no matter how uncomfortable it makes you feel. Do that before you get entitled to form judgemental opinions.

    • And one more thing Edmund, how can someone say he or she would drown their child for being Gay and you find that okay because they spoke their mind? Don’t agree with what’s wrong all because you share one or two similar views

  3. This offering for Children’s Day is very befitting.
    Great work, Walter.
    Oga Writer Colossus, keep inspiring.
    Happy Children’s Day, all.

  4. Very well written.

    smh @ dat first comment

  5. nice words for a day like this, gay or not you are my child and I will always love you

  6. Nice write up on a day like this……I really don’t support the gay thing….i will be hard I mean very hard 2 accept…Kai! d mere thought of it is scary, notwithstanding, he is still my child….and I will love him…..@ owen,what if he is your only child? and then what???

  7. People have lost the concept behind the world ‘love’. True love is unconditional. This is a perfect write-up, well maybe not so perfect but then again it is just the love of the father to the son. Loving someone doesn’t mean you like all what they do or how they behave. It simply means even when you disagree with them, you still protect them no matter what

  8. Many don’t seem to get the point of the whole letter.

    It is not about being gay. It is about love…unconditional love. The Dad simply tells his son: Even if you are gay, even if the world thinks the worst of you, I got your back.

    And that, I find amazing…really amazing.

    If we all could have just a fraction of that, the world would be much better.

    Leave the son’s gayness to him. It is not for you or me to judge. After all, some gay people have such good hearts that make saints jealous.

    …and Walter, nice design here. I’m totally loving it. 🙂

  9. Nice letter. Nice write-up. I don’t get the fuss about the whole gay scenerio.

    I’ve taunted and thrown darts at the gay society. I only realised we’re only hurting them, hurting we the human race as whole.

    Being gay is not a psychological problem. It’s not a problem in anyway.

  10. Nice article!
    Love should and is unconditional. Love doesn’t mean we like or approve of every action or choices the other makes. It’s just a state of acceptance of who they are, being there for them whenever they need us, and helping them be the best they can be. Love also means gently correcting errors without being judgemental and respecting the rights of persons to chart their own life course irrespective of our own values or belief…

    Love the new look Walter!

  11. Well,nice writeup and I’m also of the opinion that the dad was just trying to express d extent of his love for his child,dt gay part was just a by d way expression,dt being said,tho’ I don’t support d comment abt “drowning” a child. Let’s face d bigger picture,when we die(which wld eventually happen to everyone) we have a supreme being to answer to,what does d bible/ quran say abt gayism? This world is just for a short term,enternity is real and forver,SAY NO to GAYISM,preach love to them and not hate,#myopinion#

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