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An Interlude With Sosoliso

The beginning of my first year in university was characterized by a slight struggle to find where and how to fit in. Back in secondary school, I was the boy who was catapulted to ‘super stardom’ when I made history as the first male student to share a class seat with a female student in the classroom. My secondary school was a small community, and my celebrity was cemented by that singular decision.

But here I was, in the university, a small person in the vastness of the entire student body, and I was struggling to adjust to how suddenly minimal I’d become.

My journey to this readjustment however started – like most things in life – with a beautiful woman. I saw her that first day in the lecture room, and I was smitten. She at once became, for me, the Most Beautiful Girl In The World. I gave up the seat I’d been saving for a friend to her just to get things started between us.

But this story isn’t about her. Oh no. It’s about her friend.

Ms. MBGITW (Most Beautiful Girl In The World) and I had quickly become friends, and that late afternoon, I was walking her to her hostel after lectures, like I always did, the besotted fool that I was. We were chatting as we walked, recounting gist about bad lecturers, I-Too-Sabi front-seat coursemates, and the noisy, olodo back-benchers.

And then, someone called her name.

She turned. I turned. And we were facing some other girl hurrying toward us. There were three things I noticed about her, one after the other. First was her energy, which was apparent even from a distance. She exuded it, a certain silent hum, like the crackle of electricity – that something that told you this was a woman with an unapologetic zest for life.

She was light-skinned, very light-skinned, even lighter than I am, and when she came to a stop before us, I noticed the second thing. Her eyes. The irises had curious honey tones that I’d not seen on anyone else’s eyes before that day.

“Won’t you introduce me to your friend?” she said to her friend, Ms. MBGITW.

“Oh of course,” Ms. MBGITW said, before gesturing. “Uche, this is my friend, Soso. Soso, this is Uche.”

Soso turned to me and said “Hi” in a husky voice. The voice – that was the third thing I noticed about her. Her voice. It had this deep, breathy timbre that was unusual for a female.

Then I realized the two of them were staring at me. Why were they staring at me? Oh shit! That’s right! Soso had said ‘Hi.’ I was supposed to reply, wasn’t I? To whip out a scintillating response, say something witty that would cause them to throw back their heads in laughter. Ok. Here we go.

I opened my mouth. And –

“Uh…er – um…yea, uh…”

Nice going, Walter. That was really scintillating. Absolutely witty.

I could not believe myself. Mortification washed over me as I observed Soso struggling not to laugh out at me, as though she knew the effect she was having on me. I mean, seriously! Ms. MBGITW was right next to me, and she had all the rights to every manner of speechlessness from me.

Yet here I was, forgetting how to say hello to her friend.

“My friends call me Sosoliso,” Soso said, when I still couldn’t connect my brain to my vocal chords.

And from that moment, we became friends.

I was chatting with Ms. MBGITW sometime last year, and I mentioned that I’d reconnected with Sosoliso on BBM. I called her ‘Sosoliso’, and Ms. MBGITW told me not to, that it wasn’t an appropriate nickname anymore. She didn’t say why, and I supposed she was perhaps referring to the failed airline of the same name.

And for a moment, I heeded Ms. MBGITW’s chastisement and repented. Just for a moment. And then I decided not. I’ll still call her Sosoliso, if anything, to buttress the fact that she is an antithesis of a failed corporation.

And she is. Soso has gone on from our university days to become a very successful woman, doing many things amazing with flours, colours and the oven. The day I saw her patisserie creations on Instagram, I told myself: If ever I do get married, this is the woman I want making my wedding cake.

A date a few days ago was her birthday, and all these steps I’ve taken down memory lane is a commemoration of her day, a dedication to the years I’ve known this woman. And what better day to pick than the day I first met her.

Happy Birthday, Sosoliso.

Celebrate your birthday once this year. Celebrate being Happy every day every year.

PS: Below are pictures of those cake designs I mentioned earlier. I had no idea people could be this artistic with cake. Check them out, and if you’re looking to patronize her, look her up at The Empress Galleria, Number 12, Ebony Road, E-Plaza, Oroazi, Port Harcourt. Empress Galleria 2Empress Galleria 1Empress Galleria 3Empress Galleria 4Empress Galleria 5

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Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Wooow Walter! Amazing tale!

    Now I’m in PH and who wouldn’t want to meet Soso?

    Do check out the ‘fine’ in the first sentence of the post though!

  2. Awwwwww.

  3. Bring Back Our Series’ O!!!! E don do!!!!!

  4. Wow!
    Her work is really beautiful.
    I’ll keep my senses alert whenever I take that route.
    Happy birthday Soso.

  5. All I could mutter was, wow…

  6. Happy Birthday Sosoliso……

    God bless you more this year and always, colour the eyes of your mind and your hands to birth what is conceived in your powerful mind in the form of flour to please our eyes and tongue. Cakes make me happy…..Very happy if I most add.

    You are one Cake Empress without any atom of doubt……..Now my wedding cake bucket list just got zeroed to one @Cake Empress. #Walts when the time is right, I won’t forget.


  7. Happy Birthday Soso

  8. Beautiful. Now I wish I reside in PH. Happy birthday soso, you really did make an impression on Walter and this means you’ve got a beautiful soul.

  9. Happy birthday sosoliso. I’m in love with the cakes!

  10. Wow!! Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! Walter, thank you so much for this…

  11. Wow! Wow! I mean WOW!!!!! Emm walter I think em em em em d cakes are beauri no wonda no they are great…..i am a die hard lover of cakes……Sosoliso happy birthday and yes you make great cakes too God bless d works of ur hands

  12. Wow…this shows she’s born to design cakes!!!

  13. God bless u dear! Happy bufdae Soso…#lovely cakes 😀

  14. Happy bday Soso and Walter, I had no idea you had a crush on MBGITW…or did I?

  15. wow is all I can say

  16. Jeez….she designs cakes so welll….happy birthday soso…I trust that you are as fine as your cake designs…. well….I av you in mind…just incase am getting married soon….

  17. Awwwwwwww. So sweet. And to mention her talents. That’s quite amazing. Walter, keep up the goodness that flows through you, yes??.

    Thanks for sharing, you woke up some memories.

  18. Happy birthday stranger… Not friends with cakes though.

  19. Happy Birthday, Soso.You are soooo talented in the sugar craft!!! May your life be sweeter than your confections. God bless you!!!

  20. Amazing sugar craft designs……and you did them soso?! Lol.
    Happy birthday, may your flour never go clammyand your oven never cease to fire.
    I love cakes……maybe, just maybe your galleria will be a calling point when ever i come to Pitakwa.

  21. I love cakes!!!
    Happy Birthday to you, Soso.
    May your life shine forth such beauty as l have beheld in your creations-these cakes.

  22. Awww… nice to see that cat can get this boy’s tongue… OSHI :p

    Lovely designs! And a happy baiday to ya aeroplane bakery padi.

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