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Amara’s ‘Black Sparkle’ Out Now On Ankara Press

I got to know about Amara Okolo when I was mentioned on Twitter to read Frozen, the most incredibly written futuristic, sci-fi Nigerian short story I have ever read. (Now that I think about it, I should get the permission of the blog owner to publish that story here) Imagine my surprise when she let on that she’s also another friend who has her book, Black Sparkle, coming out on Ankara Press.

She is a lawyer who resides in Abuja, and Black Sparkle, is her first novel. Below is the cover of the novel, and a brief summary as well.Black Sparkle (1)


Mira Adaora Dike had one philosophy in life: Make it—or Take it by Force. It sounded brutal, but as a twenty-four year old young lady living in the diehard metropolitan city of Lagos, she had every reason to live by the rule. And if there was anything she wanted to take by force, it was the vacant position of becoming Assistant Editor to the famous magazine company she worked for. Unfortunately that was like wishing for rainfall in the Sahara…no thanks to Lauren, her overbearing boss whose bright idea for Mira was in making her a P.A instead. But a twist of fate makes Mira’s dream come true…until she realizes she has no life after work. Apart from her two best friends, everything was empty—including the Dating Scene in her life. That didn’t seem much of a problem for Mira, who has had her share of men and so far didn’t like one bit of it. At first she blames it all on her Rational Thinking mind, but as time unfolds, Mira begins to wonder if the problem was her attitude after all…


At first glance photographer Dominic was everything Mira wanted—tall, handsome and lean-muscled, and a free spirit. But as usual, her sixth sense pops up with red flags and a mental placard that read: Stay Away! Dominic clearly does not care to see this as he begins to get closer, wanting more of Mira’s time…and space. And it didn’t help as Lauren hired him for Mira’s first work project, which literally meant spending all her days with him. But as the days go by, Mira begins to see an endearing side of Dominic, and her walls of defense begin crumbling down. But just as her trust begins to flourish, a mind-blowing secret reopens with the intention to separate them and destroy the trust that had been built. And once again it is all left to Mira, to either make it work with Dominic or lose what she could have.



The e-copy of the novel is already out on sale. Simply CLICK HERE TO BUY.

In the same vein, to purchase Sifa’s A Taste Of Love, CLICK HERE. I have bought my copies of both books, and so far, the reading is proving to be Nigerian romance at its best. 😀

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  1. Walter, now you have both e-cpoies, I will inbox you my email address so you can make good on my birthday gift.

  2. Duh!! Leave the running belle for Gaviscon, mbok. Thou oweth me a birthday gift. Redeem yasef with these two books and the slate is clean!!!

    • shakespeareanwalter

      LMAO! Email addy then. The books are in epub format tho. You have to have an epub reader app in whatever device you intend to read them with.

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