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Am I The Only One Who Can’t Stand Scandal’s Fitzgerald Grant?

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I’ve been over Fitz for at least two seasons now. But every time I watch a new episode of Scandal, where the President speaks outside of his official capacity, my soul gets weary.

I wanted, more than anything, for Olivia and Jake Ballard to be together forever. But you know the heart wants what it wants. And it’s really unfortunate that Olivia wants Fitz so badly. Because not only is their relationship completely unrealistic, homeboy displays some characteristics that should leave quite women shaking in their boots.

The man is no good, y’all!

And I know we’re talking about Scandal here, no one is all that “good” on this show. They all have their own unique capacity for evil. But there’s something about Fitz pretending to be holy when he’s so far from it that just makes my skin crawl.

I get it. Fitz has had a rough life. His daddy didn’t love him the right way. He’s “trapped” in a loveless marriage. He lost a child. And he can’t be with the woman he loves.

But every last person on that show has problems. Major ones. Yet, Fitz is the only one who consistently tries to act like he’s never done anything wrong, like the victim in his own life story. Whenever things get rough for him, the first person he blames is a woman in his life. Usually, it’s Mellie, but when he found out Olivia had agreed to rig the election in Defiance, Ohio, he stopped speaking to her too.

Fitz is always talking to Mellie like a dog, and Thursday night was no different. After supporting him for years, riding with his affairs (Don’t get it twisted. It’s not just Olivia.), birthing his children, and then having to bury one of them, it was Olivia who had to convince him to be there to support his wife. And instead of giving her at least a day to celebrate the moment, he immediately starts hurling jabs.

He threatened Mellie saying that if she doesn’t sign divorce papers, he’ll let the whole world know all the dirt that she’s done. For the life of me, I can’t understand why Fitz keeps throwing the jurors in Mellie’s face when he has caused his own fair share of death, crashing a plane full of people, sending soldiers to die in a war to get Olivia back, and even snuffing out that old lady when she threatened to tell the world his whole presidency was a shame.

Fitz loves to pretend that he has been forced into these predicaments by others, painted into a corner. But I’ve yet to see him take responsibility for his own actions and admit, once and for all, that, for all the pain and drama it’s caused, he thoroughly enjoys the power and prestige that comes with being President of the United States.

Instead, he mentions the jurors again, as if she knowingly killed those people. And in doing so, he took time out to insult her even further. He was sure to tell her how he despised her and then, after she willingly gave up her career to support his political aspirations, told her:

“Your biggest accomplishment so far is waving and smiling.”

Like, why?

While I absolutely believe Mellie should sign them papers and be about the business of shaking things up in D.C., I cannot understand why Fitz is so mean and nasty to her. At the end of the day, despite their differences, Mellie has never done anything to intentionally hurt Fitz. She birthed his children and was always there in the rare moments that he decided he would try to be a good husband.

So why the attitude?

I know Olivia is not often privy to these conversations, but if she were, I wonder how she would feel about it.

If I were her, I’d be terrified.

There’s no guarantee that IF Fitz and Olivia get to be together, that they’ll last forever and always. We often forget that Fitz did love Mellie at one point. And if he could speak to the woman he once loved like that, God only knows how he’ll speak to Olivia when things go sour. Bottom line, Fitz is a punk. The only time he steps up is when he’s talking down to a woman, speaking to a subordinate, or beating up a man who’s tied to a chair.

He works my very last nerve.

Props to Tony Goldwyn, the real man who plays this character. I’m not an actor but I imagine it’s much harder to play a man viewers love to hate rather than one they simply adore.

What do you think about Fitzgerald Grant? Are you here for him? Do you think he and Olivia should be together?

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  1. Lol Walt. Quite a consistent tirade on Fitz there and more Props for Tony Goldwyn, it means he played his role right down to T. Not a fan of Fitz myself, its a messed up situation for Mellie and Olivia both all because Baby Fitz can’t stay true to the woman he promised to love and adore. Mellie would have made any man a great wife, she’s the sort that would do anything for her man, unfortunate thing is, her man is a dick.

    • shakespeareanwalter

      I know that perhaps you meant to write ‘Baba’ Fitz, and mistakenly typed ‘Baby’ instead. But I can’t help but nod at how appropriate ‘Baby’ is instead. The guy is such a baby. And not even the adorable kind. He’s the whining, moaning, petulant kind of baby. And it is exasperating watching Olivia moon over him.
      I started out watching Scandal and hating Mellie, and rooting for Olitz. Now? I’m firmly in Mellie’s corner and wishing with all my heart that that scandalous romance won’t make it. Abeg that Fitz guy can like to gaan take several seats.

      • the whining, moaning, petulant kind of baby… Hahahahaa. Methinks Walter and the writer of this piece are firmly on the same page.

  2. I’m not sure I even want Jake Ballard for Olivia. I dunno, he strikes me as too weak for her. Perhaps, it’s the presidential dominance of Fitz in the triangle that’s affecting my opinion of Ballard. But I don’t much care for Jake and Olivia as a couple.

  3. It’s those albino-esque eyes; kinda creepy and not fit for a POTUS…lol.

  4. I give credit to the writers of the show. How they could get us all to hate Mellie and root for Olivia and Fitz at the beginning of the show, then now get us to love Mellie and want Fitz to choke on his vomit is truly genius.
    I’m with this writer, Fitz is a baby, a big overgrown baby. He should grow some balls biko.
    Jake Ballard should bye bye oooo, I have tire for him. I’m no longer buying his machismo at all.

    • LOL! Anyi, when you begin finishing season 4, there’s a place Jake was stabbed. Presumably to death. But the darned man just wouldn’t stay dead and out of the show. No. He had to be hang onto life by a thread and be saved by Quinn and Huck.
      So my dear friend, I don’t think Ballard is going anywhere. 🙂

  5. warrisdis please you guys should leave Fitzgerald Grant alone. Even though he is a weakling (which I hate). He is still a man coming out of his shell, I hope he and Olivia stay together to the end.

  6. Everything about Fitz is annoying. When he is with Olivia, even when he is acting all macho n showing his small self as a president. He should learn how to be a president from David Palmer(24). I hope he dies a mysterious death like his son.
    Mellie is too brilliant of a woman to be treated like scum, and I’m all for Livvie and Jake, let that albino(POTUS) who is always squinting just…gerrout from there. Mschewwwww

  7. I totally agree with this post, i just wish Olivia and Jake can be together happily ever after and get their sunset on the beach. @Walter, which weakling president is that, he should go and sit down jor.

  8. I like men viewers hate to love more but I gotta say you’re spot on with this assessment yo.

  9. And he is not even fine sef. Wetin Olivia see for im bodi, I no know. Mille is better off without him biko. Olivia should carry the baggage, till she sees what the forerunner saw.

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