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10 Astoundingly Ageless Vampires – sorry, Actors

Though it’s been decades since these famous men got their big break, their faces have remained eerily frozen in time. Here we break down the most magical ageless wizards of Hollywood, one perfectly moisturized pore at a time.

241201ae85816cb90f28b61adf6245847d9216b6Left: Paul Rudd at 29
Right: Paul Rudd at 46
Number of Ageless Years: 17
When it comes to understanding how Paul Rudd has managed to look like a 23-year-old well into his 40s, let’s just say we’re, ahem, clueless.

98a62a420036a48e133c678ad825b94f3284aabeLeft: Jared Leto at 27
Right: Jared Leto at 43
Number of Ageless Years: 17
His hair has gone through ups and downs and back to blonde again, but Jared’s face has remained the same hue of perfectly solid tan.

16b156d3bc6fc0dc6ee08f4eaca480a13e9245cfLeft: Prince at 36
Right: Prince at 57
Number of Ageless Years: 21
Prince showed up to this year’s Grammys looking like he had stepped out of a time machine from his Purple Raindays.

285527283a4e3e87ddae6c29b14593140148c9c3Left: Tom Cruise at 25
Right: Tom Cruise at 52
Number of Ageless Years: 27
Tom Cruise’s incredible skin gives new meaning to the phrase “going clear.”

ba1ebb4dd6fc52f240982857d27c040f187d6e11Left: Will Smith at 24
Right: Will Smith at 46
Number of Ageless Years: 22
The Fresh Prince has got some of the freshest skin in Hollywood. Seriously, Will looks young enough to be Jaden’s brother.

462b1279e17bb958baee4a88bd02414603e4a092Left: George Clooney at 34
Right: George Clooney at 53
Number of Ageless Years: 19
Clooney might not have the marble-like smoothness of some of these other guys, but his aging process certainly looks the most realistic for the rest of us.

36db2708d459d61c0d25d445ae75e3ff108a8015Left: Pharrell at 30
Right: Pharrell at 42
Number of Ageless Years: 12
It took Pharrell 15 years to go from the sought-after hip-hop producer to Billboard chart-topping solo artist and international style icon. Good thing he still looks like a teenage heartthrob.

4bf72ecf1adb1cd804df570e05f41a9133e3909cLeft: Rob Lowe at 24
Right: Rob Lowe at 51
Number of Ageless Years: 27
It’s gotta be the cream.

16d02495a3aa9910cd9f9e5fdabddb20de077eb5Left: Tyson Beckford at 27
Right: Tyson Beckford at 44
Number of Ageless Years: 17
It’s not a shocker than a supermodel knows how to take care of his appearance, but this is insane. How is this man on the right 44 years old? TELL US YOUR SECRETS!

3747cb3ee499833cc217db81bc5a162fee1ac2dbLeft: Morgan Freeman at 54
Right: Morgan Freeman at 78
Number of Ageless Years: 24
Yes, it still counts if you’ve managed to look exactly 70 years old for a quarter century—we didn’t say what age.

What do y’all think? Got any other ageless vampires — erm, actors you know of walking amongst us?


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  1. It’s not fair, it’s just not fair. They have to tell us their secret, they must. What manner of sorcery is this? They better not tell me it’s because they eat right.

  2. And I thot Pharrell was bad…who is that Jared Leto!??? That dude is the certified vampire on this list!!

  3. Tom Cruise just looks like they carved out a staple, roguishly-grinning face at the beginning of time, put it on him and then said: ‘Go ye and look the same forever.’

  4. Keanu Reeves nko? P.Diddy even. That dude just looks to me the way he did all the way back to his Jlo dating days. These people should help us out with their secrets nah

  5. It must be the cream, indeed. LMHO

  6. genes talking

  7. Oh there’s more I’m sure.
    Don’t worry y’all.
    I can give you the cream. I know where they’re making them! *Flees!*

  8. And you forgot our very own Kate Henshaw? I should hate you right now.

  9. Hallie Berry!!!! That woman is a witch! Lol. And oh, our Genevieve Nnaji? That gal has got some vampire blood in her.

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