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The images of one’s mind are like snapshots of a camera. As such, this blog is like my album, a place where I store and show the pictures worth keeping. This is my take on the word through my lens and into the aperture of my mind, imprinted on the film of my mind. I wash the negatives and put out my mind snaps. 🙂


  1. Hi, I really like your snapshot idea for a webpage. Would you be interested in contributing your articles to another site as well, broodsugar.com? I think you would fit in nicely and would be a good way to drive in more traffic to your own site. Let me know at rapideyemedia.org@gmail.com

  2. if i say i dont like this new face , i lie. i looooveeee this.

  3. And a beautifully creative mind you’ve got Shakespearean. That added to the magic ignited whenever you put pen on paper, coupled with a great measure of driving passion for writing; easily makes you the total package. Like a hurricane deadlier than ‘Katrina’, you’re fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Here’s hoping and praying too that you continue to soar, pushing forward at the break of a new dawn in your chosen field which is without a doubt, a calling; the purpose for which I believe you were created to achieve, and born to do.

    Congratulations on what I’d term a milestone, and here’s looking forward to more masterpieces from you. Sooner than later, your written works will come alive in prints, as published works leading to the birth and celebration of the world’s newest ‘Bestselling Kid on the Block’. Cheers Walter!

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