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Abako (Episode 8)

Previously on ‘Abako’


Na Mama Monday wey begin tell everybody say Shaba pursue am when she wan go greet am for the pikin wey she born. She tell dem everything and come tell dem as Shaba take chase am. People come begin swear give who dey do Shaba this kind thing.

The mad woman don suffer enough for wetin she no know. First na person wey dem no know carry himself say na mad woman him go see give belle. Now the woman don suffer finish born am, dem no still wan leave her. The matter come begin vex everybody. People come even say dem must carry the matter for head.

This time around, na very large crowd naim waka come Abako Community School. Women, both old and young, boys, men them, even small-small pikin dem follow for the waka.

As dem reach there, dem no see Shaba for outside. So everybody come wait there dey look. Dem begin shout her name from outside. Nobody know whether she carry something wey she go take break person head if dem come near her, so everybody dey fear to near am. Na only two boys wey hefty wella come agree say dem go enter the class wey she dey stay.

When dem enter, na Shaba dead body dem see.

Na so dem shout and everybody run come gada. The person wey kill Shaba, na for belle e stab her, and no be once. Everybody for Abako town cry that day. The whole town shake. Mama Monday faint; na for hospital naim she for wake up.

“Shaba wey pursue me yesterday… Abi na dream I been dey? E no possible na!” she begin cry anyhow. Nobody even ready to console her because everybody dey feel the same pain too.


Mama Tasty dey her shop dey prepare pepper soup wey she go give Shaba dat morning when she hear the news say dem don kill Shaba. She cry like small pikin dat day. I no sure say something don really pain Mama Tasty like dat. She remember that day when she see Shaba with belle, she remember how she swear say she must find out the person wey put Shaba into the condition. She even remember say she talk for her mind say she go try her best to take care of Shaba. But all these things, no one really happen. Shaba just come world come suffer and die.

As religious as Abako people, dat day of Shaba death, dem question God taya. People begin ask why e go dey and all these kind things go dey happen for Abako. Some even say maybe na swear dem swear for her; even one man been dey talk say the bad, bad things wey Shaba don commit for her town naim make her life come be like this.

Even for hiding wey Timo dey, the news reach am wella. He come begin feel pity for the woman. He remember say Mama Tasty no dey use her play, and he come even remember  the dream wey he dream about Shaba for police cell. The thing come make am dey blame himself. If to say him act, maybe Shaba for no die. Maybe na God dey talk to am to go save Shaba then, but him no fit understand. The thing come make am vow say e go find out who do Shaba that thing once election don finish.


Na that same day when Shaba die, the night of that day naim another katakata happen for Abako. Dem never even recover finish for the first one wey happen.

That night, Mr. Thompson no quick comot from shop. Na dat day naim him trailer of rice arrive Abako. So the offloading dey always take time; e dey normally reach night time.

Mr. Thompson na the current chairman of Abako Market Union. Him na one of the richest traders for Abako. Small, small news dey go round say Mr. Thompson dey secretly sponsor some small, small politicians dem for Abako. All those money wey e get, people dey say no be trading him take get am. But all these side talks no dey too bother the man. Na person wey sabi face e own work.

As him lock him shop that night after offloading, him come out and thank the gateman. He give am small money make e take hold e side sake of say e work overtime for am. Normally na 6pm dem dey lock Abako market gate. But as Mr. Thompson dey go house dat night, e see some kind boys wey stand around dey look. The thing dey strange to am but as person wey him be, people matter no dey too concern am.

E no reach two hours wey him take reach house, naim dem call am say Abako market dey on fire!

 Written by Chuky One’Pilla

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Walt Shakes(@Walt_Shakes) is an award-winning Nigerian writer, poet and veteran blogger. He is a lover of the written word. the faint whiff of nature, the flashing vista of movies, the warmth of companionship and the happy sound of laughter.

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  1. Shabba don die?! :O Heu, chimooo!!!! Them tif her pikin, come kill am join?! Chai! Abako people, wetin una do? On top the matter, una market con catch faya! Chai!

  2. Just see me see wahala o! And people still dey live for that town. I for don wash their badkuck commot from my body for river pack my bag run commot.

    See ehn after I watch HTGAWM finish I no dey trust anybody o. Timo better come out from that stupid hiding and tell me wetin him do Shaba ?

    I read this article with a tatafo character narrating to me. Chuky your tatafo game so strong. Nice write up man. We await next episode.

  3. Na wa o!
    Why Shaba go die naa!

  4. Na only badt badt things dey hapen 4 Abako ????

  5. Shaba death was touching sha, but the turn of events for this Abako town is almost hilarious. Can’t wait for what’s next!!!

  6. People wicked oooh,

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