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A Word About Prostitution

I am someone who is constantly learning new stuff, and for the most part, I think of myself as very progressive. I was gisting with someone the other day when I called some lady we’d been talking about a prostitute. This wasn’t me being snarky or attempting to insult her. The girl in question is really a sex worker on the side. My friend however accused me of condescending to sex work, and went on to give me an analogy that even I could not understand.

He said I was denigrating prostitution. And yet, what was the difference between a prostitute and an athlete? Both of them sell their bodies to make money, he declared. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat while I thought of an appropriate response. I told him that an athlete sells his sport skills, and my friend countered that with his response that a prostitute sells her skills as well – sex skills. He said that the skills of sports men and laborers etcetera are all applied through their bodies in exchange for some payment. And so, how was this different from prostitution?

I went ahead to explain that prostitutes were liable to pick up STIs while working, and that the profession can be a serious health risk. I was smiling as I said this, thinking I had him. But nna bros started reeling out the stats on how many athletes there were who’d ended up with Parkinson’s disease, runners who’d suffered torn ligaments and dislocated knees, and boxers who’d had nerve damage. It didn’t help that Will Smith’s film, Concussion, is not more than six months old out, and the narrative in it was about America’s NFL and Dr. Bennett Omalu’s discovery of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, brain damage that most American football players suffered.

In the end, I realized that what was my foregone conclusion about prostitution wasn’t so foregone. I couldn’t win this argument, because this friend of mine was as hard as a coconut, with facts he was determined to convince me with not confuse me.

And so here I am, deferring to ye lords and ladies of MMS. Abeg follow me judge this angul.

Written by Dennis Macaulay

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  1. I think this disgust for prostitution is steeped in the detestation that society has for sex as something you don’t make much ado about. You know, sex must be quiet and behind closed doors and not talked about. And certainly not marketed as a trade. That is why prostitution will not be seen as a career and porn stars not seen as career people worth aspiring to.

  2. I’m progressive, too. And to people in the prostitution business I say, “Do you, boo.”

    But you see that comparison with athletes, ehn, abeg e no follow.

  3. Since he feels prostitution is okay, guess he wouldn’t bat an eyelid if his daughter ventures into it. I’ve learned to ignore arguing about baseless stuff. Imagine comparing an athlete to a prostitute.

  4. Na wa oo this is a serious something oo. O diegwu!!! Hard as coconut indeed! Prostitution can never be justified in any way biko. *myopinion*

  5. I agree with your friend. Perhaps not with the analogy, but with his point.
    It’s funny how people turn up their noses at where’s, but not at their customers. It’s patriarchy at its very best.
    The woman is the whore but the men she sleeps with are….angels….saints…what?

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