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A Look Inside The Homophobia Of Uganda

“Tell me something about Ugandan culture,” prompts Vice correspondent, Isobel Yeung, to a group of locals on a recent trip to investigate violence against gays in the country.

“The first thing we hate is homosexuality,” one man begins. “We hate that one completely. If we find a woman with a woman, we pull out one and we do it to her…We have sex with her…Serious rape.”

“So what would you do if you saw a gay man?” asks Yeung.

The man gets a disturbing smile on his face as he yells, “Kill! You kill that one! Woman and woman we rape, but man and man we kill.”

Last Friday, HBO’s Vice tells this and other stories surrounding the current state of homosexuality in Uganda. It’s an ugly reality, but one that the world needs to know about.

Below, find two clips from the show. The first contains the interview posted above, and in the second one, Yeung interviews a gay woman who was raped.

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  1. Homosexuality is BAD!
    At least we’ve got a culture who wouldn’t listen to the western world. If they want to be gay, let them go to a country that accepts it.

    • What nonsense are you saying? Really? How ignorant can you get? You can be biased against homosexuality. It is your right to be, but don’t let it be an excuse to be ignorant. So homosexuality to you is a western world affliction? Did you watch the videos at all? Did you see what was said about rape and murder? You think that’s a good way to treat your fellow human beings all in the name of ‘not listening to the western world’? Jeezuz!

    • Edmund, it is your kind of person I wish would find out tomorrow that a brother or sister is gay. then I wonder just how flippant you would get with telling him or her to go to another country that accepts homosexuality. The problem with homophobic people is that they haven’t identified on a personal level with gay individuals.

    • You’ve got a culture that won’t listen to the Western world, yet you threw away your gods for a western God. Your cloths for Western cloths, you have accepted their food, their technology, borrowed from their culture but yet, somehow, in the dark corners of your heart, you believe homosexuality is a western culture? You believe the white man came down here and thought our people how to be Gay. Or do you believe our people learnt it from what they watch on Western television? If the latter is the case, why have our people not adopted all the vices they watch on TV?
      Seriously Edmund, do not let your ignorance deceive you. However your views on what people do in the privacy of their homes, it’s never OK to punish them with rape or death, it’s NEVER OK.

  2. The first video repulsed me, and the second one broke my heart. I’m a woman, and I do not believe anyone should be raped, no matter the circumstance. Especially when the woman has done nothing wrong to anyone but be herself. and to simply murder innocent people on account of what they do in the privacy of their bedrooms? Nawa o. Otio! Is it any wonder African nations do not prosper? When we resort to such primal instincts at the slightest provocation

  3. You see, the devil doesn’t even need to lift a finger for evil to reign among us. When men can gleefully laugh about defiling a fellow human and flippantly threaten death amidst chuckles, no, the devil is sleeping in peace. We are the evil ourselves.

  4. I am totally not into gay-ism

    But ahan, srious rape and kill? The greatest of dehumanizing any soul in human form.? #sweet Lord..#I am shocked to my teeth and fingernails. Why not banish or ostracise. Who sold them the idea of free disturbing sex and James Bond’s license to kill? World Court where are u? Burn their leaders the way they burn witches in the earlier centuries.

    Insane absurdity can never cure a misnomer. (If I am permitted to use that adjective)

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