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11 Stars Who Get Better with Age

Think your beauty peak is when you are young and fresh-faced? Not so fast. As these stars demonstrate, getting older just might mean looking better than ever. Even two of the most glamorous stars ever—JLo and George Clooney look more gorgeous now in their 40s and 50s than when they were 20-something. A flattering cut, great color, the right makeup palettes, and good skincare go a long way. Here are 11 celebs that get more confident and amazing as the years go by.

Jennifer Lopez19d77e35d5382f8b2eacf372610d64c1aeb20a09Tight curls, pale skin, darker hair, and stronger lips were Jenny from the Block’s original look. But Lopez soon discovered the power of a bronzy makeup paired with glamazon hair and a smoky eye. At 45, she’s still looking amazing from head to toe. Just check out her recent Booty music video with Iggy Azalea.

George Clooney50507dc76deaec8a1c2117133f189318fcf15559It’s been almost a decade since George Clooney snagged People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive title, and the star keeps getting more swoon-worthy. In the mid ‘80s, Clooney was goofier than gorgeous, sporting loud prints and a serious mullet. But his current gray hair, and throwback sense of style is what really suits him.

Helen Mirrend81cf756b342e8b92ff621265f4b559999464eb3The 69-year-old British actress has always been beautiful, but even more so as she embraces aging with gray hair. Her cool look is a reminder that hair dye may not always be the answer.

Jennifer Anistonaeb8dc0420efad137701d8b2df4d628135fa9657During her Friends days Aniston took her girl-next-door looks up a notch. The yoga-devotee traded her darker locks for blonde ones, brought on the bronzer, and became a hair idol with The Rachel haircut. At 45, Aniston is sticking with what works. But on-camera, she’s not afraid to take risks. For her buzzed about role in Cake, she went back to her brown locks, added facial scars, and stopped working out for months.

Justin Timberlake8b2847e008d10610ddbd88335be4e1e84c53cd11Bye Bye Bye to the bleached blonde curls from his days as a goofy N’Sync boybander. These days, the amazingly talented comedian/actor/dancer/singer channels a Rat Pack sort of vibe with slick suits and coiffed hair. He hasn’t lost his goofy side though; he’s hosted Saturday Night Live five times.

Beyoncéf5d0b255e3463b9b68421d697ae917e80b0febd5Queen Bey has always played with her look. Go back to 2000 when she was the leader singer for Destiny’s Child, and she looked cute in curls. Today however, Bey’s look is fierce with blown out ombré waves.

Patrick Dempsey594f86f6fcd3d8dfac8eb84cda7d2c73ea04d444In 1987’s teen comedy Can’t Buy Me Love, Dempsey was cast as the geek-next-door whose charms took a while to appreciate. The same could be said for Dempsey. It wasn’t until two decades later that he really broke out, snagging the role of heartthrob Dr. McDreamy in Grey’s Anatomy.

Angelina Jolie2b0d25b8f7152764fdb6ed102ae35f7c5a9d20d6Her wild child days behind her, Jolie now radiates a powerful confidence. The 39-year-old activist, director, and actress has graduated to an understated beauty look that highlights her striking features. Jolie proves less-is-more with pulled-back hair, low-key makeup shades, and amazing skin.

Jake Gyllenhaal88d05f49f6a5636d53f4f0a863a8d1702ff52e8dWhile Gyllenhaal has grown into his leading man looks, he’s avoided trading on them. Instead of playing the romantic lead, he’s gone for edgier roles like his terrifying transformation in Nightcrawler. But catch Gyllenhaal on the red carpet, and you can see why People named him one of their Sexiest Men Alive.

Kate Winslet0f56bb23c29e85a330741d43c4061bc5e2a45aa1Winslet’s ability to be a chameleon has been an asset to her film career. The Oscar winner has also had fun playing with her looks off camera. From brunette to redhead to blonde and back again, Winslet’s tried it all.

John Stamos77001f23d7b77b8ba9df137f616b04b633040f75A heartthrob from the start, Stamos sealed his poster boy status when he landed on General Hospital at 19. After replacing his ‘80s Full House mullet with on-trend hipster glasses and an enviable mane, he’s never been more gorgeous than at 51.

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